Friday, November 7, 2014

Cuomo's "Victory" May Cost Him His Presidential Hopes

Governor Andrew Cuomo is being blamed for staggering Democratic Party losses in the House of Representatives.
Despite the Governor fundraising upwards of $45 million for his own reelection campaign and finishing with many millions still in the bank, his beleaguered fellow Democrats received minimal financial support from the Governor — and top party operatives in Washington, DC are rumored to be irate... A full quarter of all Democratic Party losses in the House last night occurred in New York, where corruption allegations stemming from the now disgraced Moreland Commission consumed the political discourse and suppressed voter turnout (especially among Democrats) to the lowest level since FDR was elected Governor in 1930. ... The Buffalo Chronicle
It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Cuomo with his charter lobby backing will engage in open warfare on the teachers while a passive union lies down in the road. As the mayhem of a rain of charters goes on we can at least enjoy a few moments of this kind of thing.

Cuomo burned bridges w/ House Dems & blamed for staggering 1/4 of all House losses w/ lowest turnout since 1930

Cuomo blamed for loss of House Dems

Posted on November 6, 2014 by Matthew Ricchiazzi in Congress, NY Governor // 1 Comment

The record low turnout doomed high profile Democrat Congressmen including Dan Maffei, Mike Accuri, Tim Bishop,  and Bill Owens. Well funded Democratic challengers — like Sean Eldridge, the husband of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes — went no where, despite presumed technological and spending advantages. Even the most senior member of the State’s Congressional delegation and the former Chairwoman of the House Rules Committee — Louise Slaughter — may still lose her seat.
Slaughter is only about 500 votes ahead of her Republican challenger, in a race that nobody thought was competitive. When absentee ballots are counted, she may be ousted from office after decades in the House.
Considering that Slaughter was so vulnerable in a district of similar demographic make up to the district of Rep. Brian Higgins, some are wondering why local Chairman Nick Langworthy did so little to assist, promote, or fundraise for the campaign of Kathy Weppner, whom many thought could have been a national voice.
Cuomo’s administration has been disgraced by corruption scandals in the last few months that are ongoing.  He had been hoping for an election win that would catapult him to national political prominence.
Last night, Governor Cuomo burned some very serious bridges with House Democratic leadership, which observers say could prove stifling for his presidential ambitions.

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