Monday, November 10, 2014

MORE Manhattan Local Organizing: District 1/2 Teacher/School Workers Meetup - Friday Nov. 14, 4PM

While some people complain about the MORE monthly meetings (at times me included) I tell them these local meetings are the key to building a grassroots rank and file movement in the UFT. In the school neighborhoods after school. And I have urged MOREistas to not just make these events about happy hours but to engage in discussion as a group, not as people talking at a bar.
District 1&2 Teacher/School Workers Meetup
Friday, November 14 @ 4:00pm
Houston Hall
222 W Houston
1 train to Houston or ACEFBD to W4th Street

Let's get together this November to catch up, connect, and schmooze! We'll share our visions, challenges, and goals for the upcoming months:

UFT contract & our schools
Charter schools invading our district
High stakes testing
What's on YOUR mind?
Drinks & discussion.
You can just show up!

Suggestions? Questions? Want to let us know you're coming?
Contact John Antush: 917-734-3907 (call or text) or

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