Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trumpers and Trumpets So Sad After March: Not Having As Much Fun As Hillary Supporters

A tide of whining arose enmasse from Trump supporters who had
to watch as millions of people worldwide has a joyful day marching on Saturday while they had to stay home and stew about the "lib sore losers" while at the same time absorbing a barrage of alternate facts.

"I had to spend my entire weekend studying alternative facts while all those losers were having a blast," lamented one Trumpet, a woman who had difficulty coming to grips with the woman's march.

"Most of those millions of marchers were the same people who voted illegally in the election, thus depriving our glorious leader with the electoral majority he deserved," said a make Trumper. "They are criminals and should be arrested and they will be once we expand the prisons to the size of stadiums. Pinochet did that in Chile, didn't he?" When it was pointed out that many of those in the Chilean stadium after the overthrow of Allende were never seen again, the Trumper said, "Aha, there are your millions of illegal votes."


  1. Wait: Chile? Pinochet?

    Why you can't be referring to the violent military coup that was aided by Al Shankar and the AFT, via the CIA-affiliated American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD)?

    Nah, couldn't be.

  2. CNN breathlessly reported Trump is issuing anti immigration executive orders today . Any chance they mean anti illegal immigration executive orders? No wonder the media is ridiculed.


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