Friday, January 20, 2017

Hillary Haters, in Despair Over Nothing to Do With Their Lives, Commit Mass Suicide

For the Hillary Haters (HH) who have spent most of their time over the past 3 decades bashing the Clintons, the reality of the Trump inauguration finally hit home today that the rest of their lives will be meaningless.

There was some hope when Ed Notes reached out to a lifetime HH member asking him what he would be focusing on.

"Joe Biden is our next target," he said.

"What have you got on him," I asked?

"Plagiarism," he said, but realizing how ridiculous that sounded so soon after the Monicka Crowley and the Melania plagiarism flap, he decided to join the others and jump.

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  1. The destructive riots in DC during the inauguration were the last tantrums of the looney left. Hopefully they don't fatally tarnish the Democrat brand. Why have no prominent Dems condemned the violence and intolerance of this oddball crew?
    (Don't know about this purported HH cabal - nonexistent on the streets of DC in any case).


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