Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Magnificent Day but for Faux Fox News: What Rallies?

Patrick Walsh at Raginghorseblog:
I marched in New York. It was the most poorly organized march that I’ve ever been to – and I’ve been to many. At the same time it may have been the most inspiring. For some reason, thousands were made to stand almost immobile in penned areas for hours with no idea of what was happening. But so we did. And at last the march began. And then everywhere you looked you saw more people coming. And more and more and more. Hours later, more were marching. And you knew it was worth it.  ..... Mass Revolt Against Trump in New York and Across America
Took part in the most magnificent march in NYC today. Since there were staggered times for people to arrive there is no easy way to make an accurate count. Word is that is was 400k.  I saw Patrick at about 10:30 for about 30 seconds around the MORE banner but then we all were split up and stood still for hours in gridlock but who cared? We expected to end up at Trump Tower but when we finally began to move around 1PM is was a slow crawl. And no cell or internet service so at 45th st and 2nd ave I cut over to 3rd Ave to call my wife who was meeting a bunch of ladies over at our place. So I headed over there to march with them.

We periodically checked in on the coverage. Faux Fox news ignored the rallies or mocked them. Have fun boys trying to not cover what is about to happen.

175,000 in Chicago. Hundreds of thousands in Los Angeles. 125,000 in Boston. 500K in DC. World wide? Millions. And it is only the beginning.

With some MOREs before being separated

I was on 3rd Ave before 10 AM and people on every block were streaming east all morning.

We were with a MORE contingent which got separated on 2nd Ave and 47th Street.

The UFT was supposed to have something to gather around but no one I know saw anything. No sense of organizing at such an opportunity.
Every person on the street seemed to be involved in the march. I've never seen anything like it here.

So many women of all ages with men there too. People were happy but also pissed.

My wife, not an activist, was as gung-ho for this as anything I've seen in almost 50 years. I pity Trump.

I am not articulate enough to make sense of all this so I'll leave it to Patrick:
Nothing like this has ever happened before in American history: one day after the swearing in of a new president, a massive nation wide revolt and rejection.
No American president has ever inspired such a response, but then no American president has so repulsed and frightened and insulted the American people as deeply as does Trump. 
.....Mass Revolt Against Trump in New York and Across America


  1. CNN and Fox covered it but CNN devoted most of its day and night attacking Trump's speech at the CIA headquarters. And engaged in some weird inaugural crowd size comparison battles with Trump's supporters. Apparently CNN thinks dissecting and attacking the Donald - CIA speech and crowd size battles - is more significant than the massive (and peaceful) women's marches in DC and beyond.
    The media generally missed the groundbreaking story that pro-life women's groups were finally allowed to participate in the generally left-led marches.
    Meanwhile President Trump is beginning the business of governing our nation.

  2. I purposely watched fox which i never do and they were a joke. You trumpets are eating your hearts out because if you tried to have something like this no one would show.

  3. CNN is giving great coverage to Madonna's speech at the DC Women's March. I am not sure, given the awful and intolerant language she used, if that is a sly attempt by CNN to discredit the whole march.

    I prefer CNN in its usual role: Picking petty fights with Trump's handlers. Now they are battling his press secretary.

  4. The riots, violence, and legislative absences the day of the inauguration only hurt the Democratic cause and reinforced the crybaby reputation.
    The mass women's marches - provided they really were tolerant of dissent concerning abortion - might help to rebuild the Democrats' reputation.
    One step backward and one step forward.

  5. Woman have more rights and are treated better than any other time in the history of the world. The left like to complain about equality yet have all the money and take their ball and go home as soon as they don't like something. They talk about conservatives dividing a country, the left is dividing and doing nothing to help unite this country. Too much rioting just to riot...Kudos to NYC for always leading civil protest... that does deserve credit.


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