Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fight the Moskowitz Success Academy Gulag: Tell the SUNY Charter Board that charters are not qualified to certify teachers

I'm assuming that most readers of this blog know about another major charter scam -- mainly to support Evil Eva who wants to be able to drag teachers off the street and lock them in as indentured servants -- they would only be "certified" - and I use the term very loosely - to work in SUNY charters -- Funny how the very same people -- deformers -- who screamed and yelled about "qualified" teachers are silent or actively supporting loosening teaching standards -- even as we admit the current certification process for public schools is ridiculous and must be changed - but in a rational manner. Does course work help be a good teacher? I wouldn't know since I was a 6 week wonder and then got a masters in reading -- which did help me.

Tell the SUNY Charter Board that charters are not qualified to certify teachers. Send your email today.


  1. Norm, I didn't know you were an "ITTP "graduate. ITTP is the Intensive Teacher Training Program, at least during the summer of 1968. I later found out from a real teacher that they joking called us Instant Teacher Training Program. Sounds like the SUNY Charter Board is copying an old failed model for training teachers.
    I wrote a letter-to-the-editor about my experience on the first day of school. The punch line described my thought when I first entered my classroom with my students. "I have NO idea of what I am doing."

  2. 1967. Nyu. All men due to the war. Never thought I would stay.


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