Monday, July 3, 2017

July 12: Hard-Core UFT Contract Discussions

Do you feel you'd like to set your UFT contrato on fire? Don't do it yet.

Mike Schirtzer and I will be hosting a discussion on strategies for defending the contract even if your UFT rep tells you it is a waste of time. Now we don't have all the answers but we do think that having brainstorming sessions with other rank and filers who may be in the same or similar positions is a worthwhile way to develop strategies.

If you are a chapter leader, there will be others there. If you have a collaborationist chapter leader, is there a path to getting around that?

Can the chapter leader be toppled in the May 2018 chapter elections? MORE will be assisting those who want to run. And if you are planning to do so, this summer session is a good start.

The MORE announcement on facebook:

Hardcore Contract Training

Is your chapter facing abusive administrators? Are there contract violations? Do you want to engage your members in the fight back? Bring challenges that you and your colleagues have at your school, we will share suggestions based on our experiences. Veteran chapter leaders and UFT Executive Board members that have led successful actions and grievances will be joining us.

2017 MORE-UFT Summer Series Event #1

Dark Horse
17 Murray St, New York, New York 10007


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