Saturday, July 8, 2017

It's the Attack on Unions Stupid: NY Times Doesn't Get Why Pay Lags Job Growth

U.S. Job Growth Picks Up the Pace, but Wages Lag Behind today's front page of the NY Times declares.
“This is not a market we have typically seen,” said Michael Stull, senior vice president at the staffing company Manpower North America. “We have not before seen unemployment drop, low participation rates and wages not move. That tells you something’s not right in the labor market.” 
Something's not right in the labor market? -- duhhhh! The reliance on free markets to balance workers and employers is faulty. Only organized workers in unions can redress the balance.


  1. 100% correct ! Glad someone sees it.

  2. Sure when everyone is driving for uber and lyft for less than minimum wage, is it a surprise that wages are so low? Unbelievable that anyone thinks that this is ok.
    On another note, one good thing about Trump's attack on the press, is that journalists are seeing that good workers can be attacked for no reason. What I mean is that teachers have been demonized for years and the press jumped on too. Now that journalists are targeted they are realizing that maybe other groups were also unfairly attacked. Workers have be divided for too long, especially the so-called "professional workers". Like the old saying goes-workers of the world-unite.

  3. 1:09,

    Where is the evidence that journalists seek common cause with long maligned teachers? It may be wishful thinking on your part.

    Abigail Shure

  4. You're right, it might just be wishful thinking.
    As for the article-It's common sense, if an employer can't pay more, then they have to offer something else-flexibility, excellent work environment, possibility of advancement.
    And better paying jobs are still being exported-


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