Thursday, July 20, 2017

Politics. My Doctor, Democrats and Cuomo the Slime

I seem to be going to a variety of specialists every week for various minor issues. A year ago I had one primary and one specialist. Now I have five. Monday's visit was to an infectious disease guy. Next week to the urologist.

I made my annual trek to my politically conservative skin doctor yesterday to check out some of those pesky pre-cancer skin spots (he removed two).

At every visit, after we finish official business, he loves to talk politics, as I seem to be one of the few lefties he comes across. Yesterday he indicated he was a climate change denier when he said "How come there were ice ages?" -- which coming from someone connected to science, made me think, "What else doesn't he know?" I responded that, yes there will one day be another ice age but in the meantime we are in a heating period as there have been in the past and since this is the first one with billions of humans running around how could be not have an impact on climate, unless we believe the last heating period was caused by dinosaur breath?

He hated Obama and Hillary and at last year's visit which was in the height of the election season, he clearly wasn't comfortable with Trump. So yesterday I was looking forward to his views on Trump. He figured I would be pretty bummed at the outcome. I told him I was enjoying the Trump/Republican follies and the Democrats were so bad, they would shoot themselves in the foot.

"I think Trump will not  last very long," was his comment. I responded that I think Trump can be re-elected in 2020, which shocked him. He repeated that Trump won't last out his term. I said the next president would be the first woman president - Ivanka Trump. He left the room laughing.

I was only half serious.

Which leads me to Andrew Cuomo, one of a horde of Democrats positioning themselves for 2020. The Republican debates of 2016 will look like a small gathering by the time we see this crew out there.

A close member of my family, who will remain nameless due to the fact I won't be eating dinner if I mention that person's name, was a strong Hillary supporter and couldn't understand how I could waste my vote on Bernie and consider voting 3rd party in the general election (which I didn't). This anonymous person despises Cuomo so much - and not because of his positions on education, etc, but just for general reasons of slimy despicableness. So I asked if it came down to a Trump/Cuomo election would she vote for Cuomo.
"Absolutely not," was the response. Now she knows how so many people could not pull the lever for Hillary. I won't vote for Cuomo under any circumstances either.

Read Arthur Goldstein's blog today for more on His Dispicibleness.

Wolf in Bernie Sanders' Clothing

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