Monday, July 23, 2018

DOE Spends on more bureaucrats; Mulgrew Sister is a DOE Bureaucrat

James Eterno reports on the spending spree without a squeak from UFT officials.


I also received this from a contact
Mulgrew’s sister works for a DOE office I’ve never heard of, and is on advisory board of for-profit corp that just got $2.2M from Gates Foundation. Kathleen Mulgrew-Daretany: NYC DOE Time Lab

Listen, I have relatives who I do not align with so maybe it's not fair to taint  Mulgrew with his sister's job or blame the lack of UFT response on the DOE tossing more money overboard on more slugs. The UFT is a partner with the doe and will shut up. But it is interesting to speculate on what gets said at family dinners.

About Us

Unlocking Time is a national project that empowers K12 school leaders to adopt new time strategies that fuel student-centered learning. The project will gain new insights on how U.S. schools structure their time, provide a rich set of resources to help K12 school leaders align time and resources with their values, and provision administrators from eligible high-need schools with new master scheduling tools and services to implement new time-based strategies.

The project is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

dvisory Board Members

Darryl Adams: Former Superintendent, Coachella Valley Unified
Karin Chenoweth: Author & Researcher, EdTrust
Marilyn Crawford: School by Design
Jackie Gran: New Leaders
Terry Grier: Former Superintendent, Houston ISD
Crystal Harden: Principal, Green Street Academy
Casey Haugner-Wrenn: Asst Commissioner, Tennessee Dept of Education
Rick Hess: American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
Bob Lenz: Buck Institute for Education
Kathleen Mulgrew-Daretany: NYC DOE Time Lab
Bev Perdue: Former Governor of North Carolina; Digital Learning Institute
Michael Rettig: School Scheduling Associates
Jeff Wetzler: Transcend Education


  1. Mulgrew is involved in an incestuous relationship with the DOE.

  2. She also worked for a private ed. firm contracted with Bloomturd, with Mulgrew as union boss, providing $40,000,000 of services to the DOE. When this was somehow publicized in the "press" here, she somehow moved into this DOE position-or something akin to this chronology. Is it possible that there was some type of kickback situation going on there? Bloomberg funneling 40 MILLION in greenbacks to the sister's company, and then some of that as kickbacks to Mikey? I guess I have too much time on my hands, eh?


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