Friday, June 7, 2019

THE INDYPENDENT - June Issue is out

I'm doing some distribution of this progressive monthly in Rockaway and in mid-town.

You're June Indypendent is here! This month we feature an in-depth look at Tiffany Cabán, the young public defender who is following in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's footsteps, taking on the Queens political machine and looking to make the criminal justice system work for the people it serves.

Reporter Libby Rainey spent months immersed in the race for Queens' next District Attorney, talking with Cabán supporters and bird-dogging the candidate herself. Read her full report in our latest issue. And check this mini-doc from filmmaker Erik Rist on Cabán, AOC and The Indypendent.

Also in the new Indy, queer activists reclaim pride, Mark Zuckerberg's plans for world dominationHudson Yards on steroids and more.

— Revolt of the Outsiders: First AOC, Now Tiffany Cabán

— Fighting Mass Incarceration From Within, Progressive DAs Lead The Way

— The Dark Side of Sunnyside Yard

— You’re Being Zucked: Why You Should Worry About Facebook’s Redesign

— Yemeni Bodega Owners Are Making the NY Post Feel the Pinch

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