Thursday, July 8, 2021

Right wing pedophiles want to put cameras in your classrooms

It is time for cameras in classrooms. If it is good for cops it is good for teachers. Parents should know what kind of propaganda their kids are being subjected to.

----right wing pedophile in training. 

So this guy is an ed notes reader and basically parrots whatever Tucker says he should. But just think about what they want to do -- look in on your kids and open the door to - well, I'll lead that to your imagination. I taught 4-6 grade mostly, but if Tucker and wants to look at the children in my class, I'd go back to teaching just for that.

Now I actually would have loved to live stream my teaching -- I was usually pretty proud of it but for the times I wasn't I might have gotten juiced up at the low moments. I taught with an open door -- loudly - so there were times I was asked to tone it down or close my door -- until they put me in a room so far down the hall you needed a search party to find me.

I'm listening right now to the Sam Seder show where they are talking about this issue in hour 2. 

Fred Klonsky has a piece on this subject: Teacher body cameras.



  1. Cameras in classrooms has been pushed for a long time. Many teachers like the idea for a variety of reasons.

  2. Who's a pedophile? Parents have a right to know what their children are being taught, especially during these uncertain times when critical race theory is being pushed by our AFT leader. Parents voices are constantly being silenced and censored. Public school is not the place for indoctrination.

  3. Parents have a right to object to CRT. Just because Ravitch and Weingarten are for it does not make it right. We used to be against centralized control of education. What changed?

    1. If you really are a teacher send me a link to your classroom and I will see if you are teaching Trump really won.

  4. Give the insults a rest and answer the question

  5. LOL!! How long would you last in a NY classroom teaching Trump won?

  6. Show show me yours and i’ll Show you mine. I loved have parents see me teach. I’d put my classroom up in a minute but clearly you are not a teacher who might face admin assault. That’s why there’s resistance - awful admins not parents.


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