Thursday, July 1, 2021

UFT/Mulgrew Wiley Error Looking Increasingly Bad for Members - on the Charter Issue alone - But let's question whether Mulgrew really did prefer Garcia

Watch what they do - or don't do - not what they say
.... a consistent mantra from an obscure blogger

Despite the UFT President Mulgrew's call for UFT members to not rank Adams, the lack of a call to rank another choice other than Stringer that might be beneficial to members, is amounting to the same thing as Wiley trails pro-charter friendly Garcia by just a few hundred votes. Would a call for UFT members to rank Wiley 2nd have made a difference? Well, imagine if it didn't make a difference - that would be some condemnation of the UFT political op. 

[I wrote about this previously: The Ugly Facts - UFT Helped Adams and charters]

So if you think the UFT political machine has any validity we must assume that a call to rank Wiley second would have put her in a significantly better position that Garcia at this point and really present a threat to Adams.

Was Mulgrew incompetent - or engage in spite against pro-Wiley union leaders - or does Garcia politics mesh well with the UFT leadership even if members will suffer?

When you out the UFT position on Medicare and universal health insurance and a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate and right wing Dems, it all does make sense. Wiley could promise 5 teachers in every classroom and drastic reductions in class size and enormous salary increases, she would still be too far left for the UFT leadership. 

As that wise sage said -- watch what they do, not what they say. And what Mulgrew did was make sure Wiley was screwed.


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