Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Missing InACTION: Is Michael Mulgrew in Witness Protection? - Last UPDATED Aug 28 3:30 PM

UPDATE: Saturday August 28 - There are rumors Mulgrew surfaced in a video somewhere -- I think it is a hologram - or a robot.
With all the swirl about school openings, Mulgrew has been invisible.  Oh, the UFT has put out some statements in his name,
This decision is not up to the union. However, while the mayor is asserting his legal authority to mandate the vaccine for city employees, by law the details of this mandate must be negotiated with the UFT and other unions, and if necessary resolved by arbitration.
Has anyone actually seen Mulgrew anywhere? Maybe he is being held against his will by anti-vaxers in Staten Island.
James at the ICE blog has been yeoman work keeping us informed on the updates on back to school/virus/mandates:

Leave it to Michael Mulgrew to at least figure out when he made a completely unforced error. In yesterday's statement, the UFT President claimed: "Our first priority is keeping our kids safe and the schools opened." He neglected to mention UFT members who pay dues and his salary. Well in the latest email, (see below), he has added the UFT members. It took him a while but at least he figured out who he is supposed to represent and included the members. That's progress, everyone.

Is Mulgrew in or out? His fears of the right wing anti-vax, anti-mask UFT members pulling their dues is palpable. Chicago and LA, the two next largest cities with strong left wing unions leading the way, have much stronger push back for safe school openings while we have Mr. Wishy Washy.

Recently Mulgrew's lack of presence at a seemingly important event was noticed:

Randi, Ed Secty Cardona and UFT second in command Leroy Barr at Bronx DOE Event -

It says something that Mulgrew wasn’t there. This is the US secretary of education and Randi .. but LeRoy was there .... Vacation? “Sorry Mr. Secretary of Ed. I’m on vaca …” no no no. Sick. Death in the family or on the outs. Those are the only reasons that make sense to me for why a Union president would not be present for a visit from a federal official.....  UFT member comment
Secretary Cardona to Join New York City Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter, AFT President Randi Weingarten & Students to Highlight Importance of Social and Emotional Learning, Vaccinations.....
U.S. Department of Education

The UFT has only changed presidents 3 times in the past 31 years and each time the new president was installed a year in advance of an election. That time frame for Unity Caucus replacing Mulgrew has past, so this speculation may be meaningless. Maybe there is a rift of sorts between Randi and Mulgrew and this is a sign. 

But they need each other since control of the AFT is based on Unity Caucus. Leroy Barr is the head of Unity ---- but from all reports Leroy and Mulgrew are two of the three men and one woman (maybe two women from the latest scuttlebutt) in the room making decisions for the UFT -- how did that Stringer endorsement work out?

Chicago an LA have required teacher vaxes while NYC has not and Mulgew has not called for it. Word is that he is bombarded by UFT right wingers and anti-vax and anti-mask people and the hierarchy fears these people more than the progressive wing.

The different responses and open bargaining of the UFT and CTU and UTLA and the outcomes are stark:

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