Monday, March 7, 2022

Healthcare Updates: Retiree Advocate Sunday Night Zoom, An instructive video, Does UFT/Unity Team Up with Private Insurer Lobby And Dem Party Central to Kill Medicare for All Proposals?

Last night RA Zoom. 

We expected maybe 50 - we had over 120 and had to buy more space. It was recorded and we will share the link when it is out.

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Birthday Present for me -- NYC Municipal Retirees Claim Victory over MulgrewCare While Mulgew will declare victory for UFT -- Devil may be in details - Press Conf at 2PM - Don't count those chickens yst

Video: Here is a sweet and simple explanation of how we got to MAP from the legal team. Well worth a half hour of your time.
In other news: Exploring UFT/Unity Caucus links to Big  Pharm and Healthcare giants trying to kill public options for their own profit

If it looks like a duck, etc. The outcome of all Mulgrew policy is to kill Medicare and support the industry in partnerships. 
Think of MulgrewDoubleSpeak - He not only supported the MedAdv, but bragged about designing it. Then after the judge ruled he said he was no longer supporting it because if the opt-outers don't have to pay it is no longer worth it. Thus he reveled the intentions all along --- to make us pay for the savings along with the future denials of service for those who didn't opt out.

You might wonder why the UFT/Unity/Mulgrew team is so much against medicare for all and pro-privatized healthcare. 
Evil Anthem - Mulgrew Partner
Links between the UFT and  privatizing scuzballs are being explored. As we know the Unity/UFT leaderhsip is an outpost of the center right corporate Democrats so search there.  Here's one potential connectionThe Partnership for America’s Health Care Future (PAHCF) from a few years ago. Remember, Mulgrew raided the stabilization fund in 2014 and made the deal to screw us on healthcare in 2018 to replace that fund.
“The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future (PAHCF), a nonprofit created  to oppose plans to create a comprehensive, universal health care system, paid almost $760,000 to Bully Pulpit Interactive, a communications and digital marketing firm that has worked with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC).”
Their reasoning: “The government would be expected to set premiums for the public option approximately 25 percent below market value for comparable private insurance plans.”  
Remember - Mulgrew says he wants to save us money - by opposing Medicare for all. 

Do you know who the UFT uses for its digital media?

Can the city force us into medicare Adv? Senior Care would have to reach an extremely high dollar threshold for that to happen.

Some people are reading the judge as giving the OK for the city to offer no options and force us into MedAdv.

Here is an explanation of what the judge said.
Yes, we won the case, but of course the City can appeal. 
Don’t be confused by the terms “threshold” or “statutory cap”.  They are effectively irrelevant because the statutory cap which the City is not obligated to exceed paying is $776 per person per month. Senior Care is $191 per month per person so we are nowhere near the cap or threshold. For now we are in the cat bird seat.

 I feel catbird seat may be the optimistic view. What I do know is that I was expecting to start paying almost $400 starting April 1 and now I don't. And I blew that money at my birthday dinner last Thursday. Parteeeeee every month.

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