Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Teacher Advocacy Group NYC (TAGNYC): TAG Confronts Klein at PEP Meeting September 24th

Teacher Advocacy Group NYC (TAGNYC): TAG Confronts Klein at PEP Meeting September 24th

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  1. The following is a copy of the text of the fax I sent Chairman Robert Jackson on August 20, 2007. Mr. Jackson is the Chairman of the NYC Council's Educational Committee. I also sent a courtesy copy of the above-mentioned
    fax to Council Speaker Quinn; I'm still waiting for a response. My web page address is: http://nycdoeuft.com

    To: Chairman Robert Jackson, NYC Council. Tel. (212) 788-7007

    Dear Chairman Jackson,
    I'm alleging the following, please find enclosed a copy of the letter you sent to me dated April 11, 2007, thank you very much for your response. In your April 11, 2007, letter you stated that you could only hold oversight hearings on issues that develop a critical mass of concern and potentially
    impact the city from a policy standpoint. I have first hand knowledge of the fact that the NYC Department of Education's (DOE) policy is corruption. I'm sure that if your Committee exposed the DOE's corruption, the masses
    would be concerned. The public is aware of the fact that there is no such thing as a little bit of corruption. Corruption, no matter how small, is a cancer that must be weeded out.

    2. Your letter went on to state that if there were a number of cases similar to mine, then a decision would be made whether to schedule an oversight hearing on the topic. While I was assigned to one of the DOE's infamous District rubber rooms, I came across two other teachers that were allegedly illegally fired under the same illegal protocols that I was subjugated to. My case could be just the tip of the iceberg because every school district has its own "Rubber Room," therefore the only way to get a true citywide picture of how many teachers were victimized by the DOE's violation of the
    Chancellor's Regulations would be to hold an oversight hearing and
    subpoena the DOE and the UFT's representatives along with their official records.

    3. I'm sending you this Fax because it is my understanding that the DOE will be responsible for distributing approximately 700 million dollars within the school system. I know from first hand experience that there are corrupt bureaucrats and conspirators still working for the DOE, therefore I'm
    strongly suggesting that you first conduct a hearing that will facilitate the weeding out of the corruption within the DOE before allowing them to get their hands on the badly needed 700 million dollars. I've created a web page
    to keep the public informed, my web page address is: http://nycdoeuft.com.
    Yours truly, Wilbert Moore


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