Saturday, September 15, 2007

Welcome Baaaack! - The Wave

This School Scope column

.. appeared in the Sept. 7 of The Wave (

(The Wave has been Rockaway's community newspaper since 1893. Norm took over the column from current editor Howard Schwach in Sept. 2003.)

Even though I wrote a column for the Wave’s special education edition weeks ago, this feels like the first column of the new school year – the year of Power to the Principal – with the BloomKlein theme of “If it goes wrong, we know whom to blame.” One would think education issues would be dormant with schools closed. Not so.

The column reprised and updated the following items covered on this blog.

What's the Real Difference Marcia Lyles?
How Weingarten Helped Undermine Almontaser
NY Times does another puff piece on Klein

The complete column is posted at here at Norm's Notes.

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