Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vichy, Anyone?

New York City Department of Education Chancellor Joel Klein, second right, hugs United Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten as Eli Broad, left, and U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings look on. Broad is announcing that NY City won the annual Broad Prize for corporate suck-up district of the year.
- Susan Ohanian

Boy, for someone who regularly charges the UFT collaborates with the forces looking to destroy public education, it doesn't get any better than this.

Of course the UFT is saying the Broad prize is deserved and is due to the teaching corps, "the best ever" in their words. Funny how they can argue that experience counts for teachers and then negate that argument by saying a system that has an enormous influx of inexperienced teachers, 50% of whom leave after 5 years, is the best ever. Then they validate high stakes testing, the results of which the Broad prize is given, negating so much of what their own task force on testing reported last year.

And then there's Green Dot and Broad and the UFT - perfect together.


Anonymous said...

I think they both need a good dentist.

Anonymous said...

Is Joel Klein having an affair with Randi he blackmailing her, perhaps??? What's with the love for the destroyer of public education?

I know that was a vague question--I mean who really is the destroyer of public education--Klein or Weingarten.... he is the fox and she is the person who is opening the gate to the henhouse and providing all the signs saying come this way....

proofoflife said...

I saw the public education ad on the t.v. tonight.Principals and teachers talking about accountability , and how the graduation rates are going up. I found myself cursing at the t.v. in a loud angry voice. This is what Klein and the DOE have reduced me too. A "mad", mad teacher who yells and curses at the propaganda that is being transmitted into my living room!

proofoflife said...

P.S. I almost forgot. The commerical also boasts of smaller class size!Randi should not be hugging this liar.I give it a "F" for fraud and fake!

Anonymous said...

Stomach turning.
As is James Eterno's love message to Randi on the ICE blog.