Sunday, September 30, 2007

Urgent: Students and Teachers “At Risk”in D79 Reorganization

John Lawhead, the ICE web site admin, posted Marjorie Stamberg's very excellent piece that she handed out at the Chapter Leader meeting the other day.

The last time I posted something on District 79, Randi Weingarten told people that my post almost killed negotiations with the DOE. (Not the first time Weingarten just makes things up, but at least this blog has one regular reader).

Hey! This may be a rare occasion where Weingarten isn't trying to manipulate peopIe

give me a minute so I can stop laughing –

so I'm not posting it here in full.

Sorry - I can't seem to stop –

I wouldn't want to mess anything up - Sorry again –

between the UFT

and the DOE.

OK. I'm recovered from my fit.

I can't resist a few quotes from Marjorie's leaflet.

"Why did D79 teachers have to read about their situation in the Daily News and The Chief before it was finally reported in the New York Teacher?"

We need our union to fight for the kids and the teachers of D79!"

Read the whole thing, as she raises some great questions. I've heard all too many teachers say the union has no business fighting for the kids. These teachers just don't get it. Aside from being the right thing, improving things for kids also affects teachers' working conditions. Marjorie points out that there are ATR's from District 79 while kids are tossed out of schools. If they were back in schools these teachers would not be ATR's. Get it now?


  1. Truly what has happened in District 79 is disgusting. Let us point the finger of blame where it is really deserved, at Superintendent Cami Anderson. She doesn't seem capable of evre seeing the bigger picture.

    As you are laughing, I'd like to point out what's really funny's you Norm. Where did your over estimated sense of self-importance come from? What have you done in the last 30 years worthy of merit or acknowledgement? It must be a unique sense of entertaiment you feel, standing on your soapbox and laughing at others who are really trying to make a difference. Hey un-Norm-al, remember actions speak louder than words. You sooooo amuse me with your antics.

  2. Good job anonymous. I also like that clever


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