Friday, October 23, 2009

Capital City Band Appearing Saturday Night

As an old fogey, hanging out with young people can be like a transfusion. Call it "Dracula light," drinking up the energy. Now, many of the young activist teachers we meet don't have all that much energy left after a day of teaching and then heading off to more meetings. But we have some non-teacher backups.

We got a message from our good friends Dan and Robyn Scherr, who live in Perth Australia (you can't get any further from Williamsburg, Brooklyn where, Dan was raised in pre-gentrification days).

Their son Sam’s band, Capital City, is scheduled to appear at the CMJ New Music First Marathon in NYC October 20-24. They will appear at the Ace of Clubs on Great Jones Street in the Village on Saturday night the 24th at @ 10pm. Their new album, Keep it Stupid, Sucker will be out on October 17.

We're meeting Sam for dinner tonight after we see "An Education." Maybe he'll bring the entire band. Hmmm, that Keep it Simple, Sucker would make sense. But, no, he is coming alone- I think. We'll be heading to bed after dinner, while he will be off to do what musicians from far, far away hanging out in NYC do. Here's a blurb on the band:

"For those who came in late to the whole Capital City story, this Australian band fronted by a diminutive Israeli-born, Washington-raised Western Australian ball of energy (Sam), started in Perth in 2000. More

Looking for something to do Sat. nite? Check it out.

In the meantime, our touching bases with the young 'uns continues with a visit to Peter Lugers on Monday night with our three 20-something cousins. The two boys are heading to Michigan today for the Penn State game and then flying back for the Giants game Sunday night and if there's a Yankee game, they may hit that. What a life. I'm tired just thinking about it. Our young lady cousin is working selling cable TV ads, so she is not having as much fun, but as a non-native New Yorker, she is still having a blast living in the city and is looking forward to her first Peter Luger steak dinner. Afterwards, we may check out some surfer bands in the Burg. Groovy. Can I take a nap now?


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