Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Proof of NY State Grade Inflation: NAEP math scores just released; no gains for NY State

Watch BloomKlein spin themselves into the ground. Thompson, of course, will take little advantage because he hasn't hit Bloomberg hard on the phony ed gains. Even better, watch the UFT spin since it has tied itself to the BloomKlein phony test gains.

This just in from Leonie Haimson.

No significant change since 2007 for NY State in either 4th or 8th grade math. Since NYC is such a large part of NY State, this means it is very likely the same for NYC – ie no significant improvements since 2007.

This is yet more compelling evidence that the NY state exam scores, which showed big jumps statewide at both levels, were badly inflated.

See for 4th grade math.

Esp. map: NY state surrounded by states with significantly higher results in 4th grade math. for 8th grade math.

In both 4th and 8th grade math, the big increases in scores occurred between 2000-2003 ; before the Bloomberg/Klein policies put into place.

Webcast of results starting shortly.

Follow-up from Leonie:

Let’s see how Bloomberg/Klein et al, and the editorial boards that are in their thrall, try to spin this one!

Gotham Schools' Anna Philips reports:

No improvement for New York state on national math exam

picture-13Math scores for students in New York state have hardly budged in the last two years, challenging results from the state’s own exams that show significant score increases.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress, commonly known as NAEP, or the nation’s report card, is out today and New York’s results on the math exam have changed little from 2007.

Two years ago, 43 percent of the state’s fourth graders were proficient or higher in math, while this year, that number is 40 percent. In 2007, 31 percent of eighth graders scored at or above proficient, and in 2009 it was 34 percent.

While the NAEP scores, released this morning, show no significant changes, the state’s yearly math exams tell a different story. Between 2007 and 2009, fourth graders gained nine scale score points and eighth graders gained 18 points. According to the NAEP exam, fourth graders’ average scale scores decreased by two points and eight grade students’ scores rose by three points.

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