Friday, October 2, 2009

Loretta Prisco is Scratching Her Head

I'm Scratching My Head

Bloomberg says he is “fixing” schools.

Every school’s budget is cut, over 600 aides laid off,parents supplying paper towels, and the DOE pays $27,000,000 in bonuses for raising farcical test scores.

Charter schools pushing out traditional school students from their own buildings to save rent, and Eva Moscowitz (paid $371,000 annually) is throwing a cocktail party with free food and drink at Roseland for charter school families.

There are 1,126 classes without permanent teachers, while 1,583 paid teachers are in reserve, haven’t been assigned and new are teachers hired.

NYC unemployment rate is high, Bloomberg claims to be rebuilding the economy, yet 14 DOE computer specialists, earning an average annual salary of $65,000 are laid off , and a contract to a Florida company paying 63 consultants $250,000 each is extended, an 10 additional persons are hired. Nineteen of the consultants are working with H-1B immigrant visas.

The Mayor claims to have ended social promotion by holding over students who do not achieve a “2” on tests, and a reporter takes two tests, without reading them, guesses A,B,C,D. doesn’t answer the written component, and scores a “2”.

Loretta Prisco taught in the NYC schools for too many years to count. She has also been a mentor and teacher trainer. She is one of the founding members of the Independent Community of Educators (ICE.)

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  1. The creation of charter schools and the programming structure of the small schools created out of the broken up schools are part of a trend of racial disparity of the schools. I've written about how this is a disserve to families and children in the city at my latest post:


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