Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Test Questions on Outer Space Lead Eva Moskowitz to Book Space Shuttle for Harlem Success Field Study

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Having learned from her impeccable sources that there would be a passage on outer space on the next reading test, Eva Moskowitz has booked the Space Shuttle to prepare the Harlem Success Academy kids for the exam. "This should be the difference we need to kick the rest of the PS 123 crowd out of the school so we can take it over completely," said a HSA spokesperson. "Our scores will be so much higher that there will be no question as to who should occupy the building."

The $2 billion for the booking came from the Gates Foundation, with an extra $2 billion for the trailer to tow the 200 kids who will going on the trip. "We leave no one behind when we are scrounging for points on the exams," said the spokesperson. Moskowitz will go along on the trip and be compensated accordingly with a million dollar bonus.


A Moo-Moo Here, and Better Test Scores Later

by Javier Hernandez, who seemed to have his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, as evidenced by this:

"On a chilly morning last week, the kindergartners, in blue-and-orange school scarves, crowded around a corral at the Queens County Farm Museum to gaze at an elderly cow named Daisy and a sheep standing nearby. In the background, children from other schools giggled and played as the Harlem students huddled quietly."

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  1. So, this feel good story about kids being forced to go to a shabby farm to learn instead of enjoy because they're kids makes the Times but not the fact that teachers and principals leave all the time?


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