Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Philly Student to Sharpton, Duncan and Gingrich: Why are you on a "listening" tour...

...but don't listen or learn from the community?

The Philly Student union puts the ed deformers on the spot.

"We wanted to put forth some input as to what educational reform should look like in Philadelphia and the nation."

But they aren't interested.

See the video, From the Other Side of the Fence, at Philly Student Union.


  1. Congratulations to the Philli Student Union for speaking up against the ed-deformers. I cannot believe that the three stooges have the courage to promote listening tours when they do not listen to the community. Sharpton sends/sent his children to the most expensive country school in Bay Ridge,Brooklyn NY. The school name is "Poly Prep.". He does not have any knowledge on what public schools need. Duncan and Gringich are the same as Sharpton -- destroying public education.

  2. I love the way Duncan said a 2nd grader doesn't know if he's going to a charter or a public school. School is school.

    Tell that to the kids in PS 123 in Harlem who look at the freshly painted hallways of the charter that's pushing them out of their school.
    And the newly tiled floors.
    And the ACs.
    And the new bathrooms and light fixtures.
    They're not allowed to visit those hallways and rooms.
    They're second-class citizens.

    The kids DO know the difference between the Haves and the Have Nots. And so do their families.
    The only people who don't know are Duncan and his crowd, because they don't hang with the hoi polloi.

    Shame on Obama for appointing him.
    Shame on Sharpton for abandoning his community.
    Shame on Ging— Well, never mind. You don't have to waste your breath on him, he's been at this so long.


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