Friday, October 9, 2009

Fundamental Truths in the Battle Over Girls Prep Charter School

I've been so busy following the wild debate, mostly between parents, over this post about Girls Prep charter school at Gotham Schools that I forgot to blog. There is some amazing stuff being said there with District 1 (lower east side) parents exposing the DOE tilt towards charters and the purposeful disempowerment of parents. One of our fave parent activists Lisa Donlan has been in the thick of it and her comments are required reading for the way they reveal the machinations of the DOE. Lisa is chairperson of Community Education Council (CEC) 1 and has come under spurious attacks while lots of others defend her passionately.

Ken Hirsh, who supports Girls Prep and Harlem Success Academy financially (and is also a major funder of Gotham Schools), has put up comments that are worth parsing. When I challenge him on the political agenda of charter schools he doesn't respond. On the surface he seems like a decent well intentioned guy. But when you read between the lines, who knows? His comments vis a vis Lisa and her responses are certainly interesting.

Go on and feast (and join in the fray.)

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