Tuesday, August 2, 2011

GEM/E4E Debate Seniority in Costco Mag: I Go Manno o Womano With Sydney

Updated: Tues, Aug. 2, 11:30AM

Eight million copies in print and the link to our movie in print. They wanted 400 words max. As you know I can spit out 400 words in one sentence so I didn't get everything in I wanted too. But the Costco people were dolls to work with - I felt they were sympathetic to our side - and I rewarded them by spending $350 Monday on what seems like nothing. But do we love that store - I ate my way through the shopping experience today but my wife claims Costco calories don't count. And let me add that Costco is the anti-Walmart as they treat their workers really well. I never had contact with what seems like a happier work force than at my local store. Unionized too I believe.

Their only mistake? Labeling Sydney who taught for 2 or 3 years before taking Gates and DFER money and running into political chicanery an "expert in the field." Note how she calls for laying off ATRs -

And how about that sick pic of me - yeah, my wife took it.



  1. I think you did a great job! You got all the points in and backed them up with research. Sydney sounded more like she was making a speech than engaging in a debate.

    Also, it's pretty funny that the first four words out of her mouth were a lie. "As a classroom teacher..." Really? Is that what she is? I thought she taught a day a week (at most). It's pretty laughable that they labeled the both of you "experts in the field". An expert is someone with wide knowledge and experience. That applies to you, but not to the part-time Sydney.

  2. Great job, Norm. "As a classroom teacher..." also struck me. Is she teaching anymore?

    If not, how long did she teach for? Wasn't long, was it?

    It reminds me of those hotel commercials?

    "Are you a teacher?"

    "No, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night."

  3. Only 13% of COSTCO's more then 100,000 workers are unionized.


  4. Great job, Norm. It's funny how young people with virtually no work experience don't value seniority...

  5. Hey Ira that's 13% more unionized than Walmart.


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