Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is the Evil Meryl Tisch Even Eviler than Eva?

Michael Winerip wrote Monday on the evil and the good at State Board of Regents which ostensibly should control the absolutely evil NY State Ed Dept but even eviler (out eviling Eva) Regent boss Meryl Tisch has taken all power for herself.

Regents Pay a Political Price for Their Free Advisers, Dissenters Warn

In December, the chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents, Merryl H. Tisch, announced a new program: 13 research fellows would be selected to advise the education commissioner and the 17-member board. The fellows would be paid as much as $189,000 each, in private money; to date, $4.5 million has been raised, including $1 million donated by Dr. Tisch, a member of one of New York’s wealthiest families.
The chancellor sees the program as a way to add resources and expertise at a time of severe budget cutting (state financing of the Education Department is down 35 percent since 2009). She said the fellows would help ensure that the $700 million federal Race to the Top grant New York was awarded last year was properly spent.
“People in the department were burning out,” Dr. Tisch said. “This was a great way to enhance our capacity.”
As Dr. Tisch put it, what’s not to like about free fellows?
Plenty, according to several current and former board members.
Public education has never been so divided, between those like Dr. Tisch, Commissioner John B. King Jr. and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg who support the Obama administration’s signature Race to the Top initiative and its emphasis on standardized tests and charter schools; and dissenters on the board, who call it a Race to the Bottom and put their faith in teachers as well as traditional public schools. The Race to the Bottom folks warn that the supposedly free fellows come at a stiff political price.
Good for The Bottoms. Read it all.

There was another article in the same edition by Sam Dillon detailing state ed departments fighting back against NCLB and opposing the Obama administration attempts to offer waivers if they sign onto their oppressive regs - teacher evals by test score, lots of charters, etc. 
State Challenges Seen as Whittling Away Federal Education Law
Some education officials and experts see signs that years of federal dominance of public school accountability may be drawing to a close.
Of course you won't find the evil ones on this list.

Steiner and Tisch hostage photo

Some Ed Notes greatest hits on Tisch:
May 15, 2011

Ed Notes has learned that the letter Governor Cuomo supposedly wrote to Merryl Tisch and the State Board of Regents calling for a change from weighing teacher evaluations based on state tests from 20 to 40% was in fact ...

May 04, 2011

Don't be so mean: Ms. Tisch is simply offering a compassionate helping hand to convicted felon Michael Milken (the force behind the privately-owned Learning Group LLC), who served time in federal prison for insider ...

Aug 26, 2010

Meryl Tisch - yes that family - owns Giants and all kinds of stuff. Also Bloomberg next door neighbor - we picketed her too at our January '10 demo a Bloomberg's house. She also does Passover with Joel Klein. ...
Apr 07, 2009
This one is about the outrageous puff piece in the NY Times on Meryl Tisch, who now heads the NY State Board of Regents which must rule on waivers for "do no nuttin bout education" chancellors. Look for a follow-up piece ...
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  1. Even if it does go to state control, the dye is cast and the rich, powerful inmates are running this show. Cuomo made is clear he does not need union support when he can have Wall Street money instead. Klein and Bloomberg are still running this show. Tish is a puppet.

  2. Meryl has plenty of ties to back up her evil intent and her wicked plans.


    Meryl's load of money, corrupt friends, nefarious ideas is a combination that makes Moskowitz look harmless.

  3. Can't wait to see who is chosen to be one of the "fellows". It would be a nice gig for a parrot.
    That said, I am looking for donors to help fund a pie in the face for Arne Duncan when he comes to view one of our "persistently low achieving" schools in September.
    Friend in Buffalo

  4. "but even eviler (out eviling Eva) Regent boss Meryl Tisch has taken all power for herself."
    I love reading your words!

  5. "...but even eviler (out eviling Eva) Regent boss Meryl Tisch has taken all power for herself."
    Love reading your perspective and words!


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