Sunday, August 7, 2011


Maybe it's my useless right wrist. Every time I start to blog I get distracted by a hundred issues and end up not writing anything much at all. So I spend most of the time reading other blogs on the Ed Notes blogroll and following the links. "I should note this or that," I think but just don't seem to have the discipline to follow up. SOS? Was that a year ago?

People have told me this is an opportunity to rest and recharge but I find being in the action fuels my energy supply. Right now I am at a very low energy state. I did get my wife to drive me into the city for Thursday's New Teacher Underground meeting on the lower east side. She went off in search of food supplies - found great bialys and pickles - while I descended into the lower level of Lolita Bar clutching the thin rail with the fingers of my left hand.

There was a great crew of mixed ages there. The goal of the NTU organizers is to expose new teachers to the big educational issues along with how things work. Lisa Donlan came with a wonderful chart showing the levels of governance. Fordham prof. Dr. Mark Naison, Notorious PhD - see his rap at SOS - did a presentation on how teaching and community activism go together. Unfortunately I was getting tired - what was in that beer?- and had to leave before Angel Gonzalez did his presentation but I'm sure it was smashing. I also had to fulfill the other part of the deal with my wife - dinner out.

It was fun to get out after a few days of recovery from the incredible activity of 5 days at SOS, which I still intend to write about before the experience totally slips away. But not right now. The lure of a Sunday matinee movie and early dinner in the city is much too tempting, especially with my personal chauffeur awaiting.

In the meantime, check out these videos:

Keith Olbermann expressing the outrage so many of us feel - and increasingly at Obama (my wife declared him a Wus and said she would rather not vote than vote for him - and she is no leftist but outraged at his - choose one: a) caving in to Republicans or b) he really is an increasingly not so closet Republican.

Robert Reich video: bail out education

Check out Norms Notes for a variety of articles of interest: And make sure to check out the side panel on right for news bits.


  1. Tell your wife that The Pickle Guys and Kossars Bialys are the best! (I used to work 4 blocks away).

    Also, next time you are in the lower east side, try Cafe Petisco, on East Broaway which is right across from Seward Park (and a block from Essex).
    From the outside, it looks like a nothing little place, but on the inside, its a quaint and old fashioned cafe with European atmosphere (and the LES's best kept secret). The owner also knows me too.

    Dinner, brunch, lunch or just coffee and tea are ALL GREAT at Cafe Petisco.

    (I can go on about this place all the time. Its the one thing I absolutely miss about the LES).


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