Thursday, August 4, 2011

SOS Photos/Links

I keep trying to do a long piece on SOS but just can't type for that long. Maybe tomorrow.

Here is a slide show I made of the fab GEM workshop at SOS.
A GEM workshop on “Building a Grassroots Movement to Defend Public Education” to a packed room of more than 40 people at Thursday’s conference.  See the montage of the year in review we showed here:

At the GEM blog Julie Cavanagh lists her SOS Top Ten Event Highlights 
(Driving Miss Daisy in drag is not one of them)

Michael Solo pics at Fight Back Friday blog

Photographs of the Rally & March


GEM photos on Shutterfly

A few highlights
Liza also hurt wrist in bike incident. Matching Fall Risk bracelets

The GEM car crew

Watching movie on bus going home - photo by Brian Jones

Some Coverage - compiled by Michael Solo at GEM's  Fight Back Friday blog:

News Coverage of the SOS Rally & March

Mark Naison,  Notorious PhD, comments on an ed deformer commentary on his rap at SOS:

Here is a You Tube version of my "Achievement Rap" as performed at the Save Our Schools March in Washington

The commentary is critical and sarcastic, but I have always felt, as a writer, that bad publicity is better than no publicity and I guess I should take the same attitude toward my emerging "career" as a rapper.

Matt Damon's Warm-Up Act: Notorious PHD‏ - YouTube

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