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Teachers Unite 3-Day Summer 2011 Organizing Institute - Aug. 23-25

I'm going to try to make as much of this workshop as i can. Yelena Siwinski and I are scheduled to do a UFT 101 workshop on Tuesday, Aug. 23 in the afternoon.


Teachers Unite is a membership organization of public school educators building power so that our union (UFT) fights for educational and social justice for the low-income communities served by New York City schools. TU organizes teachers around human rights issues that impact public school communities, and supports teachers to build strong chapters that put social justice first. We believe that a strong organization of activist teachers, working in coalition with parents and students, will transform our city, and its schools, to best serve all New Yorkers.

Summer 2011 Organizing Institute

How can we improve working and learning conditions? Organize!
We are thrilled to offer teachers, youth and parents the opportunity to learn the skills that will help you build power to win justice in your school community.  

Learn from labor and community organizers using Midwest Academy and other social justice organizing approaches.    

Bring colleagues, students and parents from your school community; build your chapter's strength and make an organizing plan together for the fall.

The Organizing Institute will take place:

August 23-25   
from 9am-4pm
Judson Memorial Church

Closest subways:
A/B/C/D/E/F/M at W. 4th St.
N/R at 8th St.
6 at Bleeker 

Click on "Read More" for the daily schedule below
Summe 2011 Organizing Institue Overview

Each day will begin at 9:00am and end at 4:00pm. Participants will provide their own lunch.   

DAY 1 Overview: 9am-4pm
  • Plenary: Social Justice Organizing: An Approach to Building Labor & Community Power
  • Lunch (The Revolution Will Not Be Catered! Participants will provide their own lunch.)
  • Afternoon Workshop Options:
    • How School Staff, Parents and Youth Can Organize Together Within a School. Hear from youth organizers, parent organizers from the Bronx and Community Education Council members about how educators can work with youth and parents to build democratic schools. This session will also include a short overview of School Leadership Teams as a site for building educator, student and parent power.   
    • Understanding the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Local 2 and Building Community Through Chapter Organizing. Learn strategies for building active and strong school-based chapters from experienced UFT chapter leaders and rank and file union members. 
DAY 2 Overview: 9am-4pm
  • How to Conduct Organizing Conversations. This workshop is a great opportunity for new and experienced educator, youth and parent organizers to learn and practice strategies for talking with colleagues about getting involved in school-based campaigns. We will learn how to hold one-on-one conversations and develop fellow activists.
  • Lunch (Participants will provide their own lunch)
  • How to Identify and Build a School-Based Campaign. This workshop is an opportunity to learn and practice the Midwest Academy model for building local campaigns to build educator, student and parent power. 
  • Building Power in Your Borough I. Organizing Institute participants will meet in borough breakout groups to identify and develop fall campaigns organizing plans for their school sites and chapters. 
DAY 3 Overview: 9am-4pm
  • Developing Strategy and Choosing Tactics for School-Based Campaigns. Building on Day 2's introduction to campaign development, we'll learn and practice how to further develop winning campaigns. Borough breakout groups will also meet to further develop their organizing plans for their school and chapters.
  • Lunch (Participants will provide their own lunch)
  • Tactic Workshops. Learn how to develop public relations skills and creative actions from experienced New York City labor and community communications and event organizers. Workshop topics include: press releases, online media, using theatre and art as a tactic, flash mobs, and more!  
  • Building Power in Your Borough II. Organizing Institute participants will meet in borough breakout groups to share tactic ideas and further develop fall campaigns organizing plans for their school sites and chapters.  
  • Celebration!

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