Friday, September 2, 2011

Today in The Wave: I Have a Feeling We May Be In Kansas---or Texas

Anthony Weiner, one of the most liberal members of Congress is in danger of being raplaced by Tea Partier Bob Turner. The alternative is David Weprin who was chosen to run by Dems in a backroom deal. What a choice.

School Scope column in Sept. 2, 2011 edition of The Wave:

I Have a Feeling We May Be In Kansas---or Texas
by Norm Scott
Submitted Aug. 30, 2pm

One of the benefits I was hoping to get out of Hurricane Irene was the expectation that "Bob Turner for Congress" lawn signs would be transported to Kansas – or maybe Republican presidential front runner lunatic of the week Rick Perry's Texas where they would be right at home – at least until Perry has the state secede from the nation. If Perry does become the Republican nominee, guess whom your local Congressman, if he is Bob Turner, will support?

Daniel Solomon in his August 19 New Frontiers piece ("Stopping Tea Party Terrorists") in the WAVE did a pretty good number on Turner, pointing to how he will join the Republican obstructionists who want to protect billionaires and corporations that pay little or no taxes ("they're people too" said Mitt Romney, the supposedly only rational candidate) while cutting everything - including social security (Perry calls SS a Ponzi scheme) and Medicare - but ignore the really big spending items like defense where the USA spends more than every single nation combined. And how about those ridiculous farm subsidies for stuff like ethanol? Oh, yeah. Iowa decides political stuff so let's keep tossing money into the pockets of agri-business. Turner claims he won't cut SS and Medicare but just watch him do what the Tea Party heads of the new Republican Party tell him do.

Oh, and how about that global warming conspiracy the Republicans love to talk about, especially in Texas where they can chill out as the thermometer tops 100 degrees every day? Is Rick Perry an outbreak of prickly heat? Can't you feel the upcoming ice age? I was really worried about a glacier hitting my house as the storm of the century whizzed by. Wanna bet we get more than a few storms of the century as we buy beachfront property – in Pittsburgh.

Oh, you think our local version of the tea party are not part of the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party - oh, excuse me, no longer a fringe - the Tea-party IS the Republican Party. Fringe turns the whole buggy.

Not one of the leading Republican candidates believes in evolution. It's just a theory you know. Like the theory the earth is round. Turner wants intelligent design taught in the schools. And flat earth theory - I still can't figure out why we don't fall off if the earth is really round. And how about the sun revolving around the earth? "The debate is important to define our underlying principles that come from our creator and not from man," said Turner. For some reason I don't think I share the same creator with Turner. Or the same principles.

Excuse me - what did you say? This is an education column so I should get out of politics, stuff I clearly don't knew anything about? Ok. Did I hear Bob Turner wants to abolish the US Department of Education headed by Obama slug Arnie Duncan? Hmmm. I despise Duncan, who helped run the Chicago school system into the ground before being tapped by Obama to do the same to the rest of the nation. How delicious to see Obama buddy and now mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel trashing the 16-year-old Chicago mayoral controlled school system as being one of the worst in the nation? But I digress. I'm not talking about idiot Democrats – not yet.

Did you notice that one of the few areas of Obama's program not criticized by most Republicans is his education program? And what can Turner be critical of since Obama out-Bushed George Bush on end deform? Of course Turner has to be a school privatizer and supporter of "choice" - as long as choice leads to public funds flowing into private hands.

Republicans always want to remove any oversight over education so they can take us back to those wonderful days of late 19th century "separate but equal" of Plessey vs. Ferguson - or maybe even to pre-Civil War days when we had all those happy singin' 'n dancin' slaves who didn't need no public education. Not that I'm saying Bob Turner would own slaves if he could. Besides, I don't think they grow cotton in Breezy Point.

Can I talk about the Democrats now? David Weprin, who as I write this there were reports he ducked out of a debate with Turner? Oh, God! You mean the guy who was chosen to run by 3 people, one of whom was Geraldine Chapey - which one I don't know - aren't there 4 of them? The guy who comes from generations of politicians? Well, at least he wasn't endorsed by Ed Koch, like Turner was. My head is hurting. I'm starting to miss Weiner's weiner.

Wait a minute. There's another candidate. A real socialist. Not the Obama socialist (who has outcapitalisted George Bush in so many areas) the Republicans created out of myth. Christopher Hoeppner is his name and he is calling for workers to break with the two capitalist parties. Sounds good to me. Am I throwing away my vote? If I were the tie-breaking vote would I vote against Turner? I'm thinking of all the fun I can have writing columns about our very own Tea Party guy and watch him jump through hoops supporting the program - and campaigning for and with whatever loon the Republicans choose to run. But then again.....

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Schoolgal said...

Jesus Norm!! There is nothing wrong with capitalism. I am sure Weiner and others--like myself--have invested over the years. What's wrong is the people we vote into government who refuse to put in place laws that will make it impossible for businesses to run wild over the American public. Not all businesses do that.

Unfortunately the Dems in this city know that our district (I am from Weiner's district too) will soon be phased out. As for the Dem's pick, he is a real A-hole for ducking out of that debate and giving Middle Village the chance to vote him out.

Where the hell is Cuomo on this?? He should be calling the shots and making sure the Dems are in control of the situation. Believe me, if I had a chance, I would do a Bobbitt on Weiner for messing up our district. I also knew when he withdrew from the mayoral race, something big was up. Most likely Bloomberg's people had the goods on him since Bloomberg hired Wolfson.

btw, hell will freeze over before I ever vote Socialist whether in a political election or union election.

ed notes online said...

I wouldn't speak too soon Schoolgal. It's getting kinda chilly in here.

Anonymous said...

I may vote republican or sit out the election..just like the relive needed an ass kicking to get back to their base
(tea party/conservatives) we on the dem side need to get a firm wake up call in order to get back to our labor roots...
Right now Obama is a disaster for education...I agree with turner..get rid of the US DOE

Schoolgal said...

Today Obama reversed himself again when Republicans back him to a wall.

btw, I saw some of those Turner signs in my neighborhood. First I thought only on Orthodox homes, but driving I saw one on a home that usually decorates (quite badly) for Christmas. So yeah, it is getting chilly.

On top of that, the sponsors of this year's MSNBC EDUCATION NATION are Gates, Broad and the Koch Bros.
So maybe I won't go socialist, but I would love an good Independent candidate because Obama is not getting my vote.

Why do the candidates I like have to have a problem with their Cheneys!!

Anonymous said...

Workers of the world unite: you have nothing to lose but your Cheneys.

28 year retired nyc teacher said...

hey norm!!!!!
you hate the tea party????
answer this one:

• U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
• Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
• New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
• National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
• Recent budget cut: $ 38,500,000,000

Now let’s remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget.

• Annual family income: $21,700
• Money the family spent: $38,200
• New debt on the credit card: $16,500
• Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
• Total budget cuts: $385

ed notes online said...

If the Tea Party had been in power you would have to work another 28 years and still wouldn't be able to retire.

28 year retired nyc teacher said...

hey norm!!!!!
I have respect for you in even printing my comment. Unfortunately, you didn't answer it very well or at all.
The thing that you and people who think like you don't want to face is that this government pensions-social security-government spending situation has run into a stone wall ,is completely untenable, and is coming to an end.

ed notes online said...

Don't tell me you are buying the scam they're pulling on social security? There's money but they have been stealing SS money for general funding. Then they claim it is going bankrupt- like you buying a Farari and claiming you have no money for food.

I'm surprised a pensioned teacher would attack government pensions. You must be living pretty well. I'm curious what alternative to your pension you would have preferred.

28 year retired nyc teacher said...

You keep referring to me. It's not about me. I'm just telling you what the situation is: There is no money, and if you can't keep borrowing and you start printing paper money the value of it starts going to zero. Have you noticed what's been happening to the price of gold? What do you think your pension will be worth then?
You're on target when you write about the wretched conditions that the demoralized and disrespected teachers deal with, and the miserable UFT leadership. Stick to that and think of some ways that you can communicate with the broad mass of teachers who are just not getting the message.