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Fight Back Friday - on Tuesday, Oct. 4

Hello Fight Back Friday participants and allies!

Below is the announcement we are sending out for an action to support the nearly 800 DC37 workers who are being threatened with layoffs. These are school aides, parent coordinators and other colleagues who work with our students everyday. The fight back friday committee is made up of rank and file teachers, members of Teachers Unite, GEM and NYCoRE, and others who are tired of watching the racist attacks on our schools, students and colleagues occur while we and our union sit in shameful silence. Please check out the time line below and let us how you can participate, and especially if you would be willing to spread the word in your school. Attached is a paper petition and a flier for your use. Below are articles and an online petition. This is an important opportunity to build solidarity with the many folks in our schools who go largely unnoticed (and certainly underpaid).
in solidarity

 sam for the fight back friday committee,

 Stop Bloomberg from Laying Off over 700 School Workers!

 DC 37 employees play a critical role in our school community as parent coordinators, tech support, and school aides who help our schools run like clockwork. They are invaluable members of our community that our schools cannot function without. In a time when schools are already suffering tremendously under the weight of budget cuts, our ability to "do more with less" will be even more impossible than it already is. These layoffs not only hurt the learning of all children, but they also disproportionally impact low-income communities of color, such as Harlem,Washington Heights, and Brooklyn. Many of these areas are slated to lose up to 25% of their DC 37 staff members! Additionally, these cuts are not necessary when the city is in a time of surplus. We have little time to act! Let's stop the mayor's unnecessary layoffs and support schools, save jobs, and defend the right for every child to have the equal opportunity to learn!

Here is what YOU can do to Stop DC37 Layoffs:

 The Week of September 26th

 ·    Begin publicizing the Day of Action on October 4th to all your coworkers and parents (flier attached)

 ·         Use the articles linked below to inform your coworker about the layoffs.

 Gotham Schools:  http://gothamschools.org/2011/08/29/dc-37-official-cutting-school-aides-wont-save-city-much-money/

 Daily News:  http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2011/08/26/2011-08-26_doe_layoffs_hit_poor_areas_hardest.html

 NY Times:  http://www.nytimes.com/schoolbook/2011/09/20/school-aides-rally-for-their-jobs/?scp=21&sq=nyc%20department%20of%20education&st=cse

 ·    Survey the DC37 workers about how much they know about the layoffs

  Tuesday, September 27th

 · Come to the Teachers Unite office (90 John St., Suite 308, New York, NY 10038) from 5:30 to 7:30 to phone bank NYCoRE and Teachers Unite members about the event on Oct 4th

  Monday, October 3rd

 · Remind Co-workers to wear GREEN  in solidarity with DC37 workers on Tuesday and to come out to the rally at City Hall after work from 4pm to 6pm.

 Tuesday, October 4th

 · Wear GREEN to show your support to all the DC37 workers throughout the city.

 · Join DC37 workers at City Hall to protest the layoffs of over 700 school staff from 4pm to 6pm.

 · Call 311 and tell the Mayor to Stop the Layoffs of all 700 DC37 workers. Our students need these workers and there is a surplus in the budget.

 · Have your co-workers sign the petition (hard copy attached to this e-mail, link:  http://www.change.org/petitions/mayor-michael-r-bloomberg-stop-the-layoff-of-essential-dc37-school-staff-on-oct-7th to stop the layoffs.)

 Let's keep showing the city that we have teachers and a union that cares about our schools and kids!

 Brought to you by the Fight Back Friday Committee

 Please E-Mail fbfcommittee@gmail.com <http://us.mc1606.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=fbfcommittee@gmail.com>  to let us know you are participating.


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