Monday, September 5, 2011

Use Your Teacher Voice

Going along with our branding article (Who are we? A common vocabulary is indispensable to building a movement), Chicago Teacher Adam Heenan (and CORE member), who we met at SOS in July, is spearheading this project. Subscribe to the videos and start doing your own. Contact me if you need advice.

Teacher Kim Bowsky talks to students on class size.

Teachers and Supporters across the United States-

Yesterday I testified before congregants at First Lutheran Church of the Trinity in Chicago as part of the Teacher in the Pulpit event organized by Arise Chicago and the Chicago Teachers Union.  The goal of Teacher in the Pulpit was to give educators an opportunity to speak and in their religious communities about working, teaching, and learning in Chicago Public Schools.  My theme was that our vocation, our life-work, is both art and science, and ultimately the work of the spirit.  I was amazed--but not surprised--by the warm responses from congregants. 

It re-affirmed my belief that people want to hear from teachers about education in America.

An emphatic thank you to those who are helping spread the word about UseYourTeacherVoice on YouTube.  I have received only positive feedback about the project.  There are now ten loaded videos and 39 subscribers waiting to see how you Use Your Teacher Voice.  We are growing, and with the school year underway, I expect to see many more videos.

If you are a teacher like me than I know how your school work can pile up on you.  Please make it a priority to make a video sooner than later.  For the sake of the work you do, for the sake of you students, for the sake of their families, claim your seat at the table, and Use Your Teacher Voice.

Subscribe to UseYourTeacherVoice on YouTube, find us on facebook, and tweet your followers.  

We are growing, and people want to hear from you.

Happy Labor Day.  Let's make this school year the one in which teachers' voices are prominent on issues surrounding teaching and learning.

Adam Heenan

Quick Tip #1: Pick Your Audience
If you are one of the many individuals who said to me, "I plan to do a video, I just don't know how to start, try addressing a specific group of people.  Are you speaking to school board members?  to students?  to parents? to the President?  What would you say to them?

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"The Great Aim of Education is not knowledge, but action."  -Herbert Spencer

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