Thursday, September 22, 2011

MisEducation Nation -Sept. 27 - The Real Reform Panel - Ravitch, Haimson, Jones

Check out the NBC Education Shmation panels full of ed deformers. On Tuesday there will be an alternative event. OK. Noguera has one foot in ed deform - but this should be a lively event. I hope to tape.

FAIR Event

September 27, 2011

New York City

MisEducation Nation:
Corporate Media and Corporate Education Reform

NBC is staging its second annual "Education Nation" summit at the end of September--a series of events and broadcasts bankrolled by the corporate interests and foundations aligned with the so-called "education reform" movement.

Corporate media coverage of education policy tends to hew closely to the "reform" agenda: promoting charter schools and vouchers, embracing relentless testing and other "accountability" measures, and attacking teachers' unions for standing in the way of progress.

What would a more reasonable conversation about public education look like?

On September 27, join FAIR and four of the most dynamic and thoughtful education experts and activists in the country for a FREE discussion about how the media mangle the debate over public schools.

The panelists:

-Diane Ravitch
Author, NYU Research Professor of Education

-Pedro Noguera
NYU Professor of Education

-Brian Jones

-Leonie Haimson
Executive Director, Class Size Matters

Moderator: Laura Flanders, Author/Journalist

September 27, 2011
7:00 PM
School of the Future Auditorium
127 East 22nd Street (between Park and Lexington)
New York, NY 10010

CO-SPONSORS: Class Size Matters, WBAI 99.5 FM, Grassroots Education Movement, Parents Across America, Rethinking Schools


  1. Go get 'im, Brian, Leonie and Diane. I hope one of you will expose the hypocrisy of Noguera criticizing ed deform while enabling charter school expansion at the expense of public schools.

  2. Too bad there couldn't be a protest in front on NBC from teachers and parents.


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