Sunday, September 11, 2011

More ATR Outrage

I received a phone call on August 30th informing me that my program had been cut and I was now excessed. I had been at the school for 10 years teaching business and computer classes. What I discovered was that the principal wanted to hire a friend's husband who had been laid off from his job. The class codes were changed from business to social studies to allow this man to take my job. This man is a day to day sub! How can the union allow this? I filed a grievance but the union has given me little hope of winning! I am angry and frustrated! Now, after 17 years of service, I feel I have been thrown out as garbage. ATR's have little rights! I am nervous of an uncertain future and do not know where to turn for help and guidance since all I hear is "Well, you still are getting paid!"

Angry ATR

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