Sunday, April 22, 2012

Aloha - Want to Go to a Screening of GEM Film?

Following up on our Pineapple gate post (Pineapplegate, or The Pineapple That Ate Pearson) comes this delicious story from the land of pineapples where our film will be shown, one screening I would love to attend. In fact I may just go to buy a crate of pineapples to mail to Pearson -- COD which they can afford out of that $32 million NY State paid for the tests. (I scheduled this to post while I'm in a hot yoga class, thirsty and starving and thinking of pineapples and Hawaii.)
Aloha...Warm greetings from hawai`i!  Thanks again so much for sending me a copy of 'the inconvenient truth about waiting for superman'! i'm fired up to show it to my fellow teachers & showing it next week.  letting you know as requested, and if possible, if you could list it on your website please?  here is some info i sent sent out on email- feel free to copy/paste the info you need for a web posting (again, if possible).

You have my gratitude and solidarity,
Pete Doktor
Farrington high school/YHCR chapter rep

Youth, Human &  Civil Rights Committee- HSTA HONOLULU CHAPTER PRESENTS:
"Movie Night" for Teachers&  Community-at-Large featuring:


HSTA Hawaii State Teachers Association
1200 Ala Kapuna St. Honolulu Hawaii 96819
April 26, 2012
4:30~6 pm
Open to public; Feel free to bring ohana, colleagues, friends, etc.

Many of you may have seen the film "Waiting for Superman," which was really a propaganda film for corporate private charter schools (as opposed to public charter schools here; quite different!) with a not so hidden agenda to reduce school problems to teacher unions, in the guise of school reform.  Its a front for an older, more insidious ideology/movement to privatize public education, reducing universal education to an "auction model" for quality education access and profiteering.

In response to this larger assault on public education, New York City teachers created this grassroots film exposing this unspoken political-economic agendas...which are driving the current divide-and-conquer crusade around "school reform."  The film is only an hour, but will expose many challenges to the cause of public education and the teaching profession completely ignored by mainstream institutions including government (both parties) and the media; time has been allotted for those who may want to discuss (or decompress) after
the film.

Come see the tsunami that is headed towards Hawai`i from the East Coast to know what's coming, and get a better understanding of the undercurrent in places like Wisconsin.  Its a LOT more than differences on evaluations or tenure...its also a redefining and reducing education to the level of Wall Street/test score numbers, or as Boards of Education nationwide are clarifying their vision of "education:" 'to produce competitors in a global marketplace.'  If you believe education has more noble purposes, such as uplifting human intelligence& potential to advance the quality of life, and transform society to more just, sustainable, life-enhancing communities, you won't want to miss  this documentary.

For more information, trailers, resources, etc. see:

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