Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is There a Tweed Bounty on ATRs? 63 Year Old Female ATR Accused of Corporal Punishment - in Brooklyn Vocational HS

This one is almost funny if it weren't so tragic.

I won't name names or schools, but this high school is almost all male. And not focused on college. So here comes this 63 year old female ATR in classes difficult to control and SHE gets charged with corporal punishment. She has to attend a meeting to see what's what Thursday. Think she a target of administrators?

What if the DOE channels the New Orleans Saints and offers principals a bounty for every ATR they can bump off, with double bonuses if they can get them to retire before having to go through a hearing?


Anonymous said...

The DOE has ridiculous guidelines for what constitutes "corporal punishment".

What did this ATR do? Give a student a WRITING assignment that might have "hurt" the students' hand?

Anonymous said...

Actually the ATR used the word "Dinosaur" while differentiating her instruction related to developing claims and counterclaims about the efficacy of using a particular Flintstone's episode as a critical lens for an argumentative essay that is Common Core aligned and rigorous and thus ensures multiple entry points of learning for all students and secures high marks on the DOE's spreadsheet fascist use of Danielson.

For more on this developing story, please call any Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dumb who has either sold his or her sold to the devil because they know better and keep silent or because they don't know better or anything about education.

Anonymous said...

soul not sold

Anonymous said...

Yes had the students to copy a formula off the board one time. Then the quality review ppl told the principal that was corporal punishment.