Monday, April 2, 2012

Trayvon Discussion at Family Event

An interesting discussion that may be indicative of the kinds of discussions going on all over. But note that the neutral party who had not heard of the case if only getting the FOX Facts without counter arguments might have gone the other way.

Location: Family birthday party for one year old. Many people of all ages attend.

  • Conservative right winger (RW): 60 yrs old
  • YGen, 30 years old, with no interest in politics who doesn't follow news but who often sides with the right/pro business point of view. No knowledge of Trayvon Martin case.
  • Left winger, late 60s.

RW: Explains case to YGen using FOX Facts: Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, was suspended 3 times for drug possession. Jumped Zimmerman who had nose broken and blood on head. An eyewitness has come forward to corroborate Zimmerman.

RW sympathetic to Zimmerman. Using FOX Facts.

LW: Terms RW account as FOX Facts. Explains to YGEN chronology of event from Zimmerman phone call through Trayvon call to friend that he was being followed who told him to run but he said he wouldn't. Also that video of Zimmerman going to police station showed no marks on him.

RW: Kid was suspended for drugs -- 3 times.

LW: "Drug" was Marijuana -- turns to GENY -- a noted offiicianado of the use of that substance ---what would have happened to you?

GENY: In my day (over a decade before) I would have been suspended every day. They are going crazy now with these inspections. Totally unfair to students.
"Was the kid on the guy's private property?"

RW: No

LW: Even if Trayvon attacked what about his self-defense when being followed?

GENY: He had no right to confront the kid--- he is responsible no matter what happened between them. Case closed.

Discussion ends. 

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