Thursday, April 19, 2012

Impeach Joel M. Miller, from dysfunctional NYS Assembly After Comments on Coddled Teachers

Here is my response to Miller's comments.
The single most important factor in our success as a society is the effectiveness and quality of politicians.
The current evaluation system of politicians protects the ineffective ones and I believe it is time to stop shielding them by allowing voters who can be mislead by campaign money decide.
Currently, our politicians receive no penalty for failed political practices as incompetent incumbents can spend decades in office.  
Thus we need a PDR - politician data report. Fire them if ineffective according to numerical data.
Miller's record of results should be analyzed and we should come up with a single number by which he will be judged. If he has a record of failed political judgement as indicated in his statement he should be removed immediately.
NYC Principal Brian De Vale also responded:
Dear Mr. Miller,

Please read the comments attributed to you below. If they are accurate, then I believe that you are clueless and have no business having any involvement in developing education policy.

Brian De Vale
Miller comments were passed on by Joe Knapp through Mark Naison.

So, yesterday I received a scathing letter from Assemblyman Joel M. Miller of the 102nd District.....
Here are some quotes:
"The current (evaluation) system protects the ineffective teachers and I believe it is time to stop shielding them."
"The parents are entrusting that our system provides qualified educators for the students;"  Isn't it our state that give them their certification????
"Without teacher evaluations, there is no incentive for teachers to improve their teaching methods."  Really, there are no teacher evaluations in place?  And I need that to want to improve?
"Currently, our teachers receive no penalty for failed teaching practices, nor do they receive rewards for good teaching."
1.  I have seen plenty of ineffective teachers removed in my 13 years as an educator.  2.  I do not need a "reward" for good teaching, I am intrinscly motivated and my students success is good enough reward for me.
"For anyone to stand in the way of allowing teacher evaluations to be public is protecting ineffective teachers and promoting for a poor educational system."
"Currently, there are public databanks for professionals in various career areas.  For example, physician performance information is available to the public through databanks.  TEACHERS INSIST THAT THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS.  IF TEACHERS CONSIDER THEMSELVES PROFESSIONALS, WHY SHOULD THEIR EVALUATIONS NOT BE PUBLIC INFORMATION?  I FAIL TO SEE THE REASONING BEHIND WHY TEACHER EVALUATIONS SHOULD REMAIN A SECRET."
Mark, this is obsurd, please forward this email and the email address of Assemblyman Miller ( so that they may express their dismay with his position.

Joe Knapp

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