Monday, April 16, 2012

Gather Ye Data: Testing Day Reminder From Fred Smith

I posted this request from Fred the other day:Fred Smith Requests Your Help
Here is a last minute reminder.


If you are a teacher who is giving the ELA Test (or you know a teacher who is giving it) would you please confirm the following information about the total number of multiple-choice items that appear in Book 1, which is being given tomorrow.
Grade 3  36 items ____ Number of Passages ____   Grade 4  37 items ____ Number of Passages ____
Grade 5  39 items ____ Number of Passages ____  Grade 6  39 items ____   Number of passages ____
Grade 7  39 items ____  Number of Passages ____  Grade 8  39 items ____  Number of Passages ____
The above numbers come from the Teacher's Directions, so I assume they are accurate.  If not, please let me know of any discrepancy and tell me how many items appear in the Test Book.
Also, please indicate the number of reading passages (stories, poems, etc.) in Book 1. 
Book 1 contains the field test items.  These items won't count in the results of tomorrow's tests.  They are embedded with the items that actually will count. Knowing how many items and reading selections are on tomorrow's test will help me evaluate the ELA's structure and expose its weaknesses as an examination.
Feel free to call me with the numbers at  (718)-437-5659 if you don't want to email.
Thank you.

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Unitymustgo! said...

grade 5 book 1 c = 39 questions and 7 passages