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CEC 14 Hearing against Citizens of the World Charter School --Videos and More

We published a report on this hearing last week: Report from the Hearing on Citizens of the World C... and here is the video from Pat Dobosz (GEM/ICE/MORE).
Introductions of CEC 14 members. Carrie Marlin of the Division of Portfolio Planning introduces PS 19 network leader, Margarita Nell.
Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez
Carrie Marlin responds to Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez
Senior Supervising Superintendent, Donald Conyers
CEC member, Elaine Manatu: No one can give us answers...
Divisionof Portfolio Planning, Carrie Marlin and her data.
Carrie Marlin and leader selection, Charter pipeline possibilities for Brooklyn.
CEC 14 member Elaine Manatu: It doesn't seem like feedback. It feels like an announcement.
Mr. Donald Conyers speaks about the late Superintendent, Fortunato Rubino and insults parents. he has been in the system for 29 years and only taught for five of those years!
DOE Rep, Jessica speaks about what charters are and introduces Citizens of the World.
Kate Sobel, Board member of Citizens of the World Charter School is given a not-so welcome Williamsburg reception.
Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez: We do not need more elementary schools. Who are you fooling DOE?
Assemblyman Joe Lentol: We have public education going on here that is great public education.
State Committeeman, Lincoln Restler: ...the DOE has one priority...imposing charter schools in each and every school.
Mr. Juan Martinez: We consider ourselves part of a special family here in District 14. Let's not make this a done deal.
Maria Bautista representing Councilwoman Diana Reyna: We do not want any more charter schools in this district.
Jason Otono, Special Assistant for Legal Affairs to Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz: The office of the Borough President is opposed to any Citizens of the World Charter Schools in District 14.
Representative of Councilman Steven Levin: CM Levein is staunchly against this proposal...
Brooke Parker parent speaking on behalf of all the parents/ schools represented in tour district: Accepting these two Citizens of the World Charter School proposals will segregate our schools.
Brook Parker continues with the consent of the audience...
20120419071907 CEC 14 Hearing]
PS 132 parent, Sarah Porter, asked Mr. Conyers to attend the PTA meetings at every single school and learn about what is going on.
[20120419072218 CEC 14 Hearing]
PS 132 Parent, Sarah Porter on the PS 19 phase out and leadership

Thank you EVERYONE for coming to the Hearing on Thursday!  It was a terrific turnout, particularly considering how many other important forums and Hearings were happening that same night.  And a heartfelt thanks to our elected representatives for really representing!  
It is time for each of us to write individual emails (and get others to write!)  to the SUNY Charter School Institute regarding the Citizens of the World proposals.   Please pass this along to your respective groups and ask them to send some emails as well. 

Enclosed the 22 page comments on the proposal for you to draw from for inspiration.
[Email for a copy].

We need to write as MANY emails as we can from as many people as we can saying as many different things as we can.

I encourage our spanish speaking members to write their emails in Spanish.  Or, write in any other language if you like.
You are welcome to pull directly from the comments.  
PLEASE blind copy so that we can keep a copy of your letter.

Here's an example of an email.  Cut and paste as needed, but make it your own by adding information from the comments:

Dear Suny Charter Schools Institute:

I am opposed to the two Citizens of the World Charter Schools proposals designed for District 14.

Regardless of whether these two proposed schools intend to co-locate in our public schools, our district simply does not need any more elementary schools.  Adding more choice for the sake of choice will undermine the quality of the public schools that we currently enjoy.

Our district is not suffering from a lack of options for elementary schools.  We have eight elementary magnet schools, our unzoned schools have room for out of zone kids, and, by the Fall of 2013, we will have eight elementary charter schools.  The UCLA Civil Rights Project has a recent report underlining  magnet schools as a successful model distinct from charter schools.  We believe that these proposed schools will jeopardize any hope we have of achieving diversity in our four new magnets for elementary schools and will undermine the promise that the NYC DoE made to the federal government to address socio-economic and racial isolation in those schools and our district.

The proposals for Citizens of the World reflects the minimum amount of work that they did to understand our district.  They did not mention our magnet schools at all. No one involved in their proposal had even the vaguest understanding of the choices already available in our district.  These two proposed schools do not offer anything unique in the way of curriculum, programming, or pedagogy.  CWSNY1 and CWSNY2 are copies of the schools that we have.

I am also concerned that.....



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