Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Summer: Join GEM's Change the Stakes Committee and Fight High Stakes Testing

Change the Stakes was one of principal organizers of Pearson Protest
From GEM parent activist Janine Sopp:

You may not know about Change the Stakes, a committee of GEM working to end the devastating use of high stakes testing.  We have been busy for almost a year now and have felt as though we are part of the movement that is shifting the dialog, even if in small ways, around issues of testing.  We are certainly part of a national movement.
Please visit our website, sign our petition, "Like" us on Facebook and join our open forum.

If you support a parent's right to opt out of testing, please sign and share this link to the petition demanding a non punitive opt out program in NY:

Visit our facebook page and help spread the word, post relevant articles and comment if you wish:

We encourage you to spread the word about all of the above and consider joining us at
our next CTS meeting on July 13!  We look forward to expanding our outreach as we
begin organizing for the 2012-2013 school year ahead.

Have a wonderful summer,

Janine & Kya
CTS Campaign, GEM

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