Sunday, June 3, 2012

Standardized Test Field Testing This Upcoming Tuesday, June 5, Protest June 7

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Visit 295 website for boycott letters to download and sign if you do not wish your child to take the field tests:

As per Huff. Post article: “Opt-out rates for these field tests could be particularly high because the experimental nature of the tests means their results cannot count toward a student's academic record.”

From the people who accuse us of being about adults while they claim to be about children. Posted at HuffPo
A memo has recently surfaced in which the New York State Department of Education appears to encourage educators to mislead students about upcoming standardized field tests meant to "provide the data necessary to ensure the validity and reliability of the New York State Testing program."
"Students should not be informed of the connection between these field tests and State assessments," the memo reads. "The field tests should be described as brief tests of achievement in the subject."
 Nice work when the NYSED urges people to lie to children.

Campo de Prueba estandarizada de pruebas, el prĂ³ximo Martes, 05 de junio. Visite el sitio web de 295 cartas de boicot para descargar y firmar si usted no desea que su hijo a tomar las pruebas de campo:

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