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Stalker to Run Harlem Charter School Parents PAC

“If I cheat on my wife, it is not a reason for her to divorce me…if a wife cheats on her husband, she would be a whore.” –Pierre-Lopez

Who is the whore here?

Harlem Charter School Parents PAC


Harlem Charter School Parents PAC To Raise $250,000 To Support Political Candidates


For More Information, Contact:
Thomas Lopez-Pierre
Harlem Charter School Parents PAC (HCSP-PAC)

Here are a few comments and info on Lopez-Pierre

It's heartening to know that this PAC is reaching out to typical Harlem parents, the 25 or so who will give $10,000 each. Weren't charter schools created for them?
Diane R

While they are looking for 25 contributions of $10k each, the money will come from a “powerful coalition…of Wall Street Bankers to Charter School Parents.”  Anyone wish to wager how many of the donors will actually be charter parents versus the usual suspects throwing their fiscal weight around to tell the rest of us how to educate our kids; those 96% attending public schools versus the 4% in charters?
Before you all get carried away by this nonsense, take a look at the New York Times article on this piece of  toxic pond scum named Thomas Lopez-Pierre:
If you can't stomach the entire piece,  I will reprint its last paragraph directly quoting him:
''I didn't marry my wife because she was a kind, sensitive woman,'' he said. ''I married her because she is a complete package. I married her because she takes her butt to the gym, and she keeps it tight for me. I want it all, and I got it all. There are men who want the same.''
Seems like my kind of guy:D. Yup, he and Eva (or maybe just her hedgehogs?) sound like a match made in (fictional) heaven.

Jim's post about Thomas Lopez-Pierre prompted  me to .... my good friend Google.  The array of posts are dizzying.  In second place, already, is Jim's post.   In first place ... a notice about Mr. Lopez-Pierre's 2009 arrest for stalking.  Not for stalking a woman, apparently, but for what appears to be "real estate" stalking.  (Real estate brokering apparently being his main business.)  As I said... dizzying.  Further on is much hue and cry over The Harlem Club.  Each time he defends his positions on it, he only seems to justify the uproar.  E.G., from --

 "Lopez-Pierre went on to argue that a partner indicates an equal. While I could not catch everything he said (which is why I can’t quote this part), he stated that having an equal or a partner basically means he has to respect the time of his partner, which would mean he would need to do things to help out like make dinner, or clean the house, which is something he refuses to do. Ergo, he wants a wife – not a partner. Lopez-Pierre talks about his relationship with his wife as an example. It is interesting to see where he draws the distinction – a partner is someone you have to pay attention to, a wife is a person who accommodates her man. "

"Lopez-Pierre also gave his two cents, saying that while he wants his wife to work outside the home, it should be obvious where her priorities lie."

“If I cheat on my wife, it is not a reason for her to divorce me…if a wife cheats on her husband, she would be a whore.” –Pierre-Lopez 

I certainly hope this man isn't actually planning to start his own charter school once he sees how quickly the money rolls in at the very mention of the term!

Only the Gorgeous and Smart; Club's Rules Amplify Buzz on Race and Relationships

Published: April 21, 2004

Thomas Lopez-Pierre was looking for just the right men for the Harlem Club, a private social club for African-Americans and Latinos that he was forming in Manhattan.

For $5,000, mid-career professional men could become charter members; $2,500 would make them general members. But this club did not want just any moneyed men. Rap stars, Hollywood glitterati and professional athletes -- what Mr. Lopez-Pierre labels the ''ghetto-fabulous crowd'' -- would not be welcome.
Women could join the Harlem Club, too. But only as associate members. And they had to be 35 or younger, unmarried, childless, college educated and willing to submit a head-to-toe photograph, to prevent unattractive women from making the cut.
And to ensure that there would be a steady stream of fresh pretties at the club, Mr. Lopez-Pierre planned to rotate 20 percent of the associate members, who pay no dues, every three months. The goal, he said, was to present members with undeniable marriage material.
''When people think of the Harlem Club, I want them to think beautiful, intelligent, highly successful women of color,'' said Mr. Lopez-Pierre, the public face for the club's 15 charter members, men who do not want their identities known for fear of public backlash...

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