Thursday, June 14, 2012

Portelos Wins Chapter Leader Election from Rubber Room

What could be more embarrassing for a principal who railroaded a teacher into the rubber room than to put up a candidate to oppose him and lose? The old sell-out chapter leader slinked away into infamy. This may be a first. I've been telling reporters that this case will have legs. One major reporter will be attending the 3020a dismissal attempt and if honest articles are written, that should put some nails in the WalBloom anti-LIFO agenda.

Winning the Union Chapter Leader position from the Rubber Room.

Today was a great day. For those familiar with my story, you would remember that my union chapter leader and SLT chairperson turned on me back in January. They wrote false statements and played an important role in the attacks that ultimately lead to my temporary removal from school. My removal from school has caused an immeasurable loss of knowledge and skills I could have taught the students.
Today I’m happy to announce that I ran for the Chapter Leader position at IS 49 and won. I ran against a talented and very dedicated teacher/parent. I was supposed to be allowed to go in and cast my ballot this morning. However, the powers that be thought it would be better punishment to make me wait outside and have the ballot brought to me. (Remember that I’m a threat to national security.) I used this to my advantage, dressed in my best navy blue politician monkey suit and greeted my fellow chapter members. It was good to see them after 50 days of exile. I was approached by two 8th graders and signed their yearbook as well.
Now begins the not so arduous task of uniting the chapter. That part is easy because I don’t think we are as divided as they lead us to believe. The messy part will be not having to fight for everything we request. First and foremost is the ridiculous line to leave the building at the end of the day. 100 staff members need to sign out one at a time. This is in direct violation of Article 6 of our contract as well as other DOE/UFT agreements. It was supposed to be made easier today but after the election results were posted, Principal Hill made sure the staff was punished some more. The last person signed out 11 minutes after end of day. The staff started logging their time to out in for per session and now we have to grieve again.
As far as SLT goes the current chairperson has been unseated as well. As chapter leader I get back on the team. Strange how Karma works. What were they thinking?
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Anonymous said...

Francesco Portelos is a tremendously dedicated, competent teacher. He will do very well as a Chapter Leader who fights a never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mr. Portelos!!!
Is he the first to win his first election from the Rubber Room?
I know that a number of CLs served from the Rubber Rooms and some may have gotten re-elected there.

Unknown said...

Thank you. I will!

Unknown said...

From what I hear it appears that I am. It was really an Epic Win!