Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crimes Have Been Committed Against Children and Teachers, Sellout Chapter Leader Richard Candia Ran With New Action in 2010 Election

Apologies to Unity Caucus since I assumed Candia was associated -- though of course there is little difference between New Action and Unity.
Who was responsible for making the call to remove me and deprive my 180 students from an excellent education? All those responsible should be held accountable. They should actually be arrested since they robbed the young minds of career oriented knowledge. The parents should also file a class action law suit against those who made the false allegations against me: Principal Hill, Assistant Principal Aguire and Union Leader Richard Candia. They should be held accountable to NYC Charter section 1116 on fraud and State Commissioner Regulation part 83 ----

Crimes have been committed -

Yes, you heard correctly. Francesco Portelos' chapter leader joined the principal in making charges that led to Portelos being place in the rubber room. Deemed a threat for numerous reasons, but especially in that he would be running against Candia for chapter leader, the children of IS 49 SI have been deprived of services for months because of the political vendetta. Where are the "concerned" student first people on this case? Where is the press?
How sweet that Portelos won the election from the rubber room, a clear indictment by the staff of the criminal principal, the criminal network that supports her and the criminals at Tweed that support the entire structure.

Let's hope parents will take some action against all of them.

In the meantime, you can view Linda Hill's time cards at

and audit at
Hill remains in the school and Portelos in the rubber room.
Over the years I got to know the robotics coach who preceded Portelos at IS 49. A quiet and dignified math teacher who did wonderful work with her kids, she came under assault from Hill and eventually retired before she wanted to. Another crime against Linda Hill.


  1. Norm, I will leaving a school (unless a strange thing happens in an arbitration) where for years, one of the APs coached and ran other per session things at the same time. Remember there is no punishment for administration. Look at what happened with that administrator that had all of those inappropriate sexual conversations with students that was revealed this week. Administrator, suspended with pay. Secretary (and UFT member) was suspended WITHOUT pay for being an accomplice. AND NOT ONE WORD from UFT. NOT ONE.

  2. Norm,
    I can't wait to publish these allegations. They are truly ridiculous. There are about 18 of them. None of which I'm worried about.

  3. I fully agree that supervisors who issue "unsatisfactory" observation reports containing intentional falsities should be reported under both §1116(b) of the City Charter and Part 83 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.

    It would be good to make the City Charter complaint directly to the City Council, with copies going to the NYC Department of Investigation and the Mayor's Office. The complaint will likely be referred to the Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation for the New York City School District, where it is more likely to be taken seriously if it's transmitted by any of the City Council, NYC Department of Investigation, or the Mayor's Office, rather than by a teacher directly.

    A Part 83 complaint should be made to the professional conduct officer of the NYS Education Department.


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