Monday, November 26, 2012

What Happened to Public Education on Election Night?

The Always Amazing Joanne Barkan Does it Again



  1. It would also be helpful if someone could get to our so called liberal media and advise them they should stop putting Randi Slimegarten on the air and holding her up as some kind of reincarnation of Joe Yablonski. Last summer I wrote you when I heard Ed Schultz lapping up her shite and a week or so ago the so called former teacher Bill Press (a Center for American Progress hanger on) had her on his show and failed miserably to grasp her role in the Vichy-like corporate collaboration scheme being played out against America's teachers. As long as these talking headed dummies keep claiming their kinship with labor and rolling out frauds like Randi to the uninitiated we will never get out from under the privatizers.

  2. @Sean while I agree with you on a few points I think that it needs to be realized that complaining about it over the net is not going to get it fixed.


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