Monday, November 19, 2012

 Cuomo's LIPA investigation and Cuomo's LIPA role

I'm all for blaming posturing slimebag Cuomo who makes even Christie look good.

From Azi Paybarah - Capital New York  

Andrew Cuomo has organized an investigation into how and why the Long Island Power Authority failed in its response to Hurricane Sandy.

There's plenty for the investigators to look at, given how much is wrong with LIPA, including, significantly, the role of Cuomo himself in allowing the state-run utility to exist in such a shambolic state until now.  

The governor is "blatantly pointing them in the wrong direction," warns columnist Nicole Gelinas, by drawing attention to National Grid, the contracted entity that provides the services, rather than to LIPA itself. National Grid, she notes, is an easy target, since it's going to be replaced soon anyway.

Some blame lies with Cuomo, Gelinas argues, because he did not push for changes earlier, and because he allowed LIPA to continue to shoulder debt that lawmakers wanted to hide from the public.

Cuomo's sole appointee to fill one of the "slew" of vacancies on LIPA's board isn't an energy expert, but rather a big contributor to his campaign.

As the Times editorial page puts it today, "allowing such managerial ineptitude to fester [at LIPA] was bound to lead to disaster."

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