Monday, November 5, 2012

Update from Rockaway

I've been getting lots of requests for info on how we're doing (much better than most) and tho have some cell serv phone bat runs down fast so I'm posting a short version tho I've been trying to keep a diary.
I've barely been off my block so only know of devastation as u get closer to beach thru stories.

Had mountain of debris from basement and den covering 2 house lengths. Wonderful sanit guys sent here from Kew Gardens spent an hour loading truck as I tried to help best I could. Loads of volunteers coming by all day. One of neighbors sent a few over to help load truck. Big relief to clear that out. They are using Riis park lots to dump garbage so trucks get back quickly. Sanit has done amazing job.

For us - Lots of water and scary moments Mon nite as water rose an inch short of main floor. When we smelled smoke we thought we were done but it was from massive fires 4 blocks away. That was in add to breezy pt fires. Loads of stories but no time for details.

We're doing ok and getting things done. No warmth or elect. Elect panel boxes were under water so have to be replaced even if power does come on. Using stove for some heat. Cousin Dan came from jersey w 10 gallons of gas last night so can use one of borrowed cars to get around. He also brought 2 giant subs so plenty to eat.

May try to get apt for a few months or go to florida in dec.

Mostly cleaned up. Paid a company lots of dough but expect fld ins to cover. One car towed and one more to go.

Today will finish cleanup hopefully.
Many neighbors had to leave esp older people. One gave us a check to pay cleanup crew.

Neighbor behind my house drowned in basement. We saw them take body out through my back window on tues nite. We both moved in at same time in Aug 79. His wife was pregnant at time. Didn't know him well. Saw daughter next day. In midst of this they have to clean up.

Hearing other stories of people going down to retrieve something and getting caught in surge. I actually did go down to den twice to get ice chest and a few things as water rose. So lucky.

Water reached top of basement and as it dries main floor hardwood floors may buckle. That will be fun to watch.

Basement and den - areas most damaged were a catastrophe before Sandy. Wife always said it would take an act of god to get me to clean them up. Now u can eat off basement floor tho I wouldn't advise it.

Damn phone bat running down. Gotta run.

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  1. So glad you are safe. Did you manage to get any insurance adjusters (cars and home) over before you got rid of stuff. If not, hope you took pics because that's what they are saying to do on the news. And I am so glad you are not homeless.

    So sorry about your neighbor. We heard about her and someone being swept away into the ocean.
    The death of a school teacher and her friend and of course those little children. One teenager was found dead under the rumble of her SI home.

    I know many people along the coast did not think this would be as bad a storm as predicted and decided to stay not every thinking this could end in a loss of life. One police officer also drowned in a basement trying to make sure his family was safely out of the house. And, we can see how unprepared this city really is in a crisis situation. Thankfully neighbors stepped up to help neighbors. NYC had the highest death toll.

    We also see how unprepared our school system is to handle an emergency with students sharing a building with so many evacuees and homeless people that the conditions of these schools go beyond unsanitary. Also their is the safety factor having so many strangers in a building filled with students. Now this mayor wants to overcrowd more schools when I am sure there enough vacant office spaces in buildings to house them or nearby houses of worship??? Nothing seems to make sense. Walcott is doing such a poor job and the mayor is telling students in buildings with no heat to wear extra sweaters.

  2. Norm,

    Good to hear from you. I wish I had an apartment for you to stay in. i hate to think of you and Carol in this cold. I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbor. There is another storm predicted for Wednesday. Please be careful. You are always welcome in Brooklyn...good old D14.


  3. Glad to hear you are ok Norm. Where are you looking for an apartment, in case I hear of anything?

  4. Thank you for sharing your account of this terrible disaster; I thought of you when I heard the news reports. My wishes from California for you and everyone else to have as smooth of recovery as is possible.

  5. Norm,

    I am happy that you and your wife made it through this storm. I am sorry for what seems like the extensive damage to your home. More importantly, I am sorry for the loss of your neighbor and the devastation that has wracked your community.

    You've done a lot for many people, including me. If you need me for anything, even with help finding a place to stay, let me know. You know how to reach me. Stay well and stay strong. All the best to you and your wife.


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