Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rockaway Update, Thurs. Nov 15: What was and is to be done

Mandolin-playing Pat the plumber comes through.

So much going on and things to do I can't keep up. I do have a scheduled appearance with Julie and Jack in a class at Brooklyn College this Monday night - they watched the film last week - so that should be a refreshing change.

I have been in the recovery cave for over 2 weeks so I am fairly out of touch with the ed-political world. I check email but the net is so slow on my phone I don't click on links.

Here's praying the electrician shows up this morning to fix what's wrong and certify us for power, then a race over to Lipa hq on 108th St to hand it in. My neighbor said our corner traffic lite was on for a while last nite, a good sign - and as we left around 6pm for the eve we spoke to some guys from someplace else - trucks said Connecticut- and at least they were working on it.

Even with power we still don't have heat or internet - I imagine verizon has a massive job so that could be a long time - I have to check into alternate ways of getting online.

But we do have hot water. After a miracle visit Tues late afternoon from mandolin-playing Pat the plumber sent to us by Matt the contracter, he called Wed morn to say a shipment of AO Smith hot water heaters just came in and he was sending guys right over. I'm constantly amazed at how lucky we are.

Weds. Nov. 14 - what was done.
Hot water heater intalled: check

Pull wet sheet rock from basement ceiling in vicinity of water heater using newly bought tools: check.

Visit from FEMA adjuster (retired firefighter from Tacoma): check

Geiko visits 3 month old CRV and totals it: check

Retrieve 4 license plates and scrape off registration sticker from windshields: check for 3 out of 4 plates (back of Accord pushed up agst other car).

Start moving stuff from den to garage in prep for Saturday demolition of den walls: check

Geiko calls with pleasantly surprising hard numbers: double check

Check out Toy RAV4 (nahhh): check

Pig out at Frank's Pizza with shrimp parm hero and large carafe of bergundy: Triple check

Find signs of power trucks on block: check

Go to sleep at 9pm and sleep till 6AM: all this manual labor just makes me want to eat and sleep.

I'll try to work more on the account of the night of Sandy.

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